Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds ‘Hawaiian strain’ Organic untreated Argyreia Nervosa

(69 customer reviews)


‘Hawaiian Strain’ HBWR Seeds!! These are the seeds which our company first began selling in 2012 and they’re still a customer favorite!

Back in stock with fresh seeds!!


These are one of the most popular plant teachers sold at Eternity in a Box!! These are the same HBWR seeds we are reputed for carrying since 2012. It’s an honor to have them available for you all!

There are various strains of HBWR available, these are what you find online referred to as ‘Hawaiian strain’. Said to be the most powerful strain to meditate with. Be respectful and give this plant love! 🙂

Beautiful vine with heart shaped leaves. Takes a few years to reach appropriate size for flowering, but the vine itself has quite the ornamental appeal.

We have found a source which gives me the opportunity to provide these very powerful and beautiful seeds at a much more affordable cost.


Plant these seeds and enjoy your new companion HBWR vine! 🙂

**Note: There is much confusion and misrepresentation in market for these seeds. The difference between the strain variation and the origin of where they are actually grown is often mistaken by wholesale vendors. These seeds are Argyreia Nervosa var. Nervosa, which we purchase as being Hawaiian strain and Hawaiian grown. However, our bulk supplier is unable to definitively verify the origin of these seeds. We intend to be straight forward with our customers and inform them appropriately!

The primary physical difference between HBWR seeds available is the Botanical Variation; We carry var. Nervosa, the other is var. Speciosa. The difference is in the chemical constituents of the seeds. The true var. Nervosa contain significantly more ergoloid compounds, whereas the var. Speciosa is often devoid or significantly lacking in these compounds.

Our seeds are vigorous growers and most importantly, we’ve sold literally Millions of these seeds and have had only two individuals (out of THOUSANDS of total customers) who were dissatisfied. Come get your share of these wonderful seeds while they are still available!

69 reviews for Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds ‘Hawaiian strain’ Organic untreated Argyreia Nervosa

  1. Taylor

    These are very potent seeds, nothing to mess around with lightly. If used correctly these are absolutely amazing! Great customer service and super fast shipping!

  2. Clinton

    Absolutely fantastic teachers. I had a lot of fun with these seeds and learned plenty from them. Incredibly potent and beautiful seeds! Fast shipping too!

  3. Nathan (verified owner)

    Hands down the best seeds you will find anywhere.

  4. cosmicentity (verified owner)

    Amazing seeds! Very satisfied with my order the shipping was fast well done eternity in a box I’ll be ordering from you guys now on!

  5. lukasino (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping(Europe), nicely packaged and received them in prefect condition.

  6. Digistable_Aya (verified owner)

    Ordered 50 seeds and received 60! These are a great teacher and I could not have been happier with my purchase. Thank you!

  7. mr29erss (verified owner)

    Ive had trouble finding the real deal even from my most trusted botanical sites, but these are as legit as they get. A+++

  8. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Shipped very quick came with More than i asked very potent and very happy TY i will definitely be ordering from here again.

  9. inthisbody (verified owner)

    These HBWR seeds are of an amazingly high quality. Once I received them I began to sense their energy almost immediately. When in a deep meditation with them a sense of direction came to me and their energy initiated a new zest for life. HBWR reminded me to take pleasure in the simple things and live in the now. Beauty surrounds us at all times one must only stop, breath and allow themselves to receive this divine blessing.

  10. onelife0821 (verified owner)

    I received my seeds very quickly and realized I underestimated the seeds and did not expect the quality of these seeds to be what they were. They were absolutely wonderful and I will most likely be buying these seeds in bulk for my business.

  11. Enlightened (verified owner)

    Great seeds, got more than I ordered and was very pleased with the freshness. Everything I got from the site is top notch, no need to order from anywhere else. Thanks for your great customer service!

  12. austyn (verified owner)

    very nice and fast seller , these are so strong !

  13. babygirl (verified owner)

    I was really scared that this was a sham, and that they wouldn’t deliver, but I was wrong! They delivered 3-4 days after I ordered them, despite me choosing the 5-7 day delivery. These are very good seeds, and I definitely recommend them. Eternity is now my new supplier c:

  14. Michael (verified owner)

    I’m Sold! Eternity in a Box delivers! On time. In time. Every time.

  15. sacredfig

    I was not sure about ordering online, but for such a cheap price I thought I’d try. I live in India and after about twelve days of no news of my package I thought I’ll never see the things. I wrote to eib just to confirm I’ve been scammed but to my surprise Zach responded quickly and assured me they are not interested in faulty dealings and encouraged me to wait a little longer. Believe it or not they did arrive the next day! Although the package was already opened by the Indian post office the seeds (ordered 50 got 68) and the free herb of the week were both there. And they are high potency. And already got a few sprouting. I am totally satisfied and give full five star for fast shipping,honest and friendly customer service, and top quality product. Thank you guys!

  16. Ollie (verified owner)

    Wonderful seeds. They got here on time. Will be ordering more in the future.

  17. Andrew (verified owner)

    These seeds are great! They are priced very well and are high quality, as far as I can tell. When they were all gone, nothing stopped me from ordering some more! As for anyone unsure of the trustworthiness of this site, don’t be afraid. Eternity in a Box definitely knows what they are doing with fast shipping and great products!

  18. Charles (verified owner)

    Placed my order late at night, tracking showed package was sent less than 16 hours later, I am so excited to see the seeds when they arrive.

  19. Wolf (verified owner)

    Ordered the seeds 3-8 Day Shipping (Standard), but because the owner couldn’t ship them for 3 days he automatically upgraded to 2 day shipping for free.
    On top of that, the seeds are of excellent quality, and I ordered 50 but got 70! Beautiful hand written notes attached- the seeds are a powerful teacher. Love and peace your way!

  20. gregorygblah (verified owner)

    Order came within a few days, and when it came, the package included the seeds, some organic chamomile, as well as a few beautiful drawings. The seeds had a very spiritual aura and gave me an enlightening experience. Thank you!

  21. Jordan (verified owner)

    Extremely impressed by the service at Eternity in a box! My new favorite site! Order was shipped on time (although delivery was delayed a day) and came with everything and then some. They obviously value their customers and put care and quality into their orders. Already loyal to eternity and will be ordering all my botanicals through them

  22. Ethan (verified owner)

    Had a wonderful experience with these amazing teachers–you won’t be disappointed! The order arrived within the 8 day time frame just like EiaB says, and included both a few nice hand-drawn art samples and a free sample of the herb or the week. Will be buying from here again. And, for the record, the customer service is great too 🙂

  23. Christopher (verified owner)

    Very pleased. I received my order in three days, and it had 25 extra seeds. Planting some today, looking forward to the beautiful results. Will definitely be buying here again.

  24. Adam (verified owner)

    Excellent product and customer service! I have ordered multiple times with no issues and even get a bit extra every time. I will continue to order these seeds and explore some of your other products.

  25. ren imbra

    idk but nice service

  26. connor (verified owner)

    All i feel like i need to do for this review is give the hawwain babys 5 green stars. Thank you eternity in a box l

  27. zander

    cant get any better than these, top quality!

  28. Blythe (verified owner)

    WOW! Very potent!

  29. Hunter (verified owner)

    Got em 5 days later gonna try them soon but very pleased got 3 extra seeds a cool drawing and some of the sample of golden rod very much appreciated if its strong I will come back to you guys!

  30. Hunter (verified owner)

    Need to get more but gotta do it the right way everybody

  31. Jared Lovejoy (verified owner)

    These are hands down THE BEST HBWR seeds i have ever purchased. Highly recommended!!!

  32. John_Derwood (verified owner)

    A small amount of these seeds brought waves of joy and happiness. Extremely happy with them, and the customer service great as usual.

  33. Eggsy (verified owner)

    So i received my seeds yesterday 9/28, I placed my order around Wednesday/Thursday (23rd or 24th). It took a day or so for them to ship it. After i recieved my tracking number Saturday is arrived Monday. So very fast shipping time. If you want your order within a week i advise ordering on monday no later than tuesday! I have not tried these seeds yet! The seeds have a slight furry coating so they are Hawaiian strain! I’m hoping for great results

  34. Chase (verified owner)

    Great shipping, great quality! I didnt expect it to be hawaiian strain HBWR as it listed since other vendors lie and have Ghana and what not, so i started off buying 100 to see what the quality of the seeds were, when i recieved my package i was very happy to see the furry coating and knew right away it was the correct strain. Currently awaitng on my second order of 100 🙂 Highly recommended

  35. wiccalust22 (verified owner)

    OMG i love these powerfull potent energizing seeds as i open my package every time its like a shooting rush of vibrations and energy of these and hands down most powerfull lil things ive ever meditated with also i get 15-20 extra almost every time i order these special hbwr seeds i love you so much eternity in a box keep up what your doing yours trully Wiccalust22 🙂 much peace and love, Blessed Be !!!

  36. geoff (verified owner)

    My first time working with these wonderfully luminous seeds was a smashing success. Order fulfillment is superb, and communication with the Eternity staff is excellent. I’m currently on my second order of seeds, and third order of other sacraments. Keep on truckin!

  37. lukal.chavez (verified owner)

    These sacred seeds are a intuitional teacher of great universal power. They’re beautiful. They’re wisdomatic.

  38. Taylorr (verified owner)

    Hey! i order 50 and got a extra 200 of em :D!! i was so surprised! They Were GREAT! I recommend! Thank you eternity in a box!

  39. Tom

    Eternity thank you so much, seeds were excellent. I will most definitely be a returning customer. Namaste.

  40. Nick (verified owner)

    These are very good seed!! I planted 4 of them, and 3 of them sprouted. One of them was a little late, but she came up 🙂 Good viable seed, and VERY beautiful plants!! <3 Eternity

  41. Justin

    just got my seeds in and first thing i noticed is they dont have the fuzzy coating… i havent tried them yet but i will tomorrow and report back…

  42. Justin

    Very pleased .my old review was with another technique of use*, with which there was no luck. With another method i found they are very potent seeds 🙂 the real Hawaiian hbw strain

    *Edited by Eternity Zach for inappropriate language

  43. Julien (verified owner)

    excellent price and excellent quality. I will be buying these again soon for sure

  44. Sturgeon

    There are a lot of reviews for this product , so to some up my opinion: I agree;however, there is one thing I feel I need to mention, and that is hardiness. These seeds last so dang long. I got my 250 in August of 2014 and my last uhhh “planting” was last month (January 2016) and there was absolutely no perceivable loss of potency, one can only assume there was a minimal amount of degradation. The kicker is that storage has been for the most part the following: In the bag it came in (with the air squeezed out upon each re-closing) in turn put in a Wii disc game case with a silica gel desiccant packet (one for a while, but now it is up to three since this fall) and within a closet (a closet being more climate controlled, like a cave effect including lack of light). This all is to say, not even with refrigeration.

  45. Nadine (verified owner)

    Just received my order for these yesterday and I cannot wait to have a full meditation session with them. I’ve done spiritual work with HBWR in the past, and I can tell you already, these little guys are the real deal. Last time I had seeds (from a different company), they did not have the fuzzy coating, nor the powerful vibrational energy I feel from these seeds. EiaB promises you var. Nervosa and delivers (and quickly at that, shipping time was incredibly fast!).

    I’m so happy I found your site. EiaB is a godsend. <3

  46. Luke (verified owner)

    Very profound seeds. They will teach you what you need to learn, not what you want. The real deal for sure! I was impressed with my first batch of these.

  47. jesus (verified owner)

    seeds are really good and strong. Shipping was great and fast, planted a seed and sprouted quickly and would order from here over and over.

  48. Ben

    Yes,I ordered a couple months ago….and I did receive atleast a few additional seeds than I ordered and service was great,my order was here in less than 5 days in the midst of a holiday and weekend….I haven’t ordered because I’ve been away from home….but I’m about to….sadly, I noticed you’re out of stock on HBWR seeds at the moment?in the meantime I will order some amanitas again,I my caps I got from you guys were virtually fully intact and very fresh.keep on rocking eternity in a box!

  49. Irayida

    I’m in love! upon meditating, these are potent and feel really pure and vibe off euphoria. thank you eternity <3

  50. wes (verified owner)

    Very potent product Do not underestimate! Best HBWR I’ve ever had!!

  51. craig lilley (verified owner)

    Arrived in UK in 5 days very pleased. Very potent 2 seeds was enough for an almost *MEDITATION* breakthrough. Germination lasted about 8 hours. Errm the seeds looked sick & nauseating at first but subsided after an hour. overall 10/10

    *Edited by Eternity Zach for legality legitimacy*

  52. sativarg (verified owner)

    Excellent product, fast processing/shipping. great and personal customer care. I made a mistake in my address and received VIP treatment went I contacted Zack who quickly made things right. Respect these seeds, be humble, follow best practices and enjoy one of Earths most potent blessings…

  53. Taylor Nerland (verified owner)

    You do not want to mess around with these seeds. Very strong.

  54. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Most wonderful meditation ever

  55. Alexis (verified owner)

    Very good seeds, strong and germinate well!!!
    I order 2 times.

  56. Ethan (verified owner)

    I ordered them back in July, and they are extremely potent. Personally, I will not do them again. *Edit* The aroma made me extremely nauseous which made it *Edit* a pretty bad experience, but they do work.

    *edited by Eternity Team for legal reasons*

  57. J (verified owner)

    This was my first time meditating with these seeds and let me tell you, the knowledge one can gain is incredible and truly amazing. I will be back for many, many more. 🙂

  58. Joseph Mieczkpwslo (verified owner)

    Excellent service! Top quality product. I will recommend yo to all my friends.

  59. slowmobius

    Shipping was extremely fast, 4 days from when I purchased to when I received them. Got the package right on new years eve, happy 2017! Very potent seeds, don’t underestimate them. Had an incredible meditation with them. Very profound. I also received 12 extra seeds and a free sample of cloves. Couldn’t be happier with this business and I appreciate all of the hard work and effort that goes into it. Much love and respect! Blessings~

  60. Burger

    eh dey aight

  61. cooltrygvi (verified owner)

    Shipping was extremely fast. But i did not get ANY effects from ***EDITED- MEDITATING WITH SEEDS**** I don’t know if i just received a bad batch, but these seeds i have don’t work:/

    *Edited by Eternity team for legal reasons

  62. Amanda (verified owner)

    I was worried they forgot to give the post office the package because the tracking number they gave me showed they created a label but didn’t ship but i just recieved them today. Very happy with my purchase would buy again

  63. novapass (verified owner)

    This is really a powerful substance!!! I have learn so much about my self and about people around me . I think we are all dreaming are life in this crazy world. We are all weak in someway . If you try this prepare your self for a profound experience inside of your conscience

  64. jbauman8888 (verified owner)

    Arrived extremely quickly, almost certainly received more than I ordered, and it also arrived with some Witch Hazel and one of Zach’s very lovely drawings. High quality products and impeccable service, lifetime customer.

  65. nhhenderson1 (verified owner)

    Quick delivery, and was very happy with the effects. Buying more soon!

  66. Kat (verified owner)

    absolutely wonderful customer service, got sent a lot extra than what i paid for! will definitely be coming back, i have ordered before and the effects were perfect. thank you eternity!

  67. sparky53401 (verified owner)

    Quick and easy delivery, I ordered 250 and received nearly 300! Also received a beautiful artwork card to keep in my wallet. The people at EiaB really care for their customers and their product. Definitely love this company, and I’m already having a second order come!

  68. sarahdellapuca13 (verified owner)

    first of all… my one issue was I had to wait a while for these to ship, however I contacted Zack and he assured me they would be shipped out the next day. Got them a day early. These are really great seeds. And I cant wait to see my fiancees face when his new HBWR grows up!! 🙂 great job Eternity in a Box! I will definitely be a repeat customer!!

  69. oliver.annabelle.lee (verified owner)

    Shipped next day after order, came with 14 more seeds than I ordered. I’ve yet to meditate with them, but experiences are subjective and won’t change how pleased I am with my order! I’ll be a returning customer for sure 🙂

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