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Indian Warrior Flower Buds PEDICULARIS DENSIFLORA *Wild Harvested*

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Pedicularis Densiflora, sometimes called Indian Warrior, is a flowering perrenial herb native to California and Oregon. The flower buds and/or foliage are commonly found in herbal smoking blends and are sometimes used in teas. It is unconfirmed as to whether the natives consumed or worked with this plant.


When wild harvesting Pedicularis plants great care must be taken. The reason being, that P. Densiflora, like other plants in this genus, have a parasitic tendency. They will attach through roots to other plants if available and leach nutrients and water out of them. Alkaloids and other chemicals have been shown to be transfered through this process as well. Our plants are harvestd with the wisdom necessary to ensure clean and unadultered specimen.


At Eternity in a Box, we carry only the most potent/sought-after strain and plant form available with Each of our botanicals. With p. Densiflora, the options are leaf foliage and whole flower buds. This listing is for Whole Flower Buds, not the leaf foliage which is less potent and more widely available.


Our Indian Warrior buds are all beautiful and rich, deep purple hues…very impressive to the eye! Don’t get tricked into purchasing the powdered or whole leaf foliage, make sure to get our wild harvested purple flower buds of superior quality!


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***

6 reviews for Indian Warrior Flower Buds PEDICULARIS DENSIFLORA *Wild Harvested*

  1. Fred (verified owner)

    I had always wanted to try this so I bought 5 grams. I wish I bought more. These flowers are dried nicely and are great for making capsules or smoking. The smoke has a weird taste but not too bad, its smooth. The effects of smoking are short lived but pretty relaxing. With capsules I have experienced deep sedation, but before the sedation I always feel a rush of energy and focus for an hour then nicely sedated. I would consider this best for sleep and nerve pain.

  2. Tony (verified owner)

    Interesting plant. Never seen anything like it.

    I have yet to try tea from this herb but the smoke is surprisingly nice actually. I really enjoyed the taste of the smoke actually and the aroma from it. It’s quite sweet and almost incense-like.

    I found this herb to be quite relaxing, and excellent sleep aid. It’s almost meditative actually. I was listening to some binaural audio after smoking a bowl of this and it put me in an interesting state of consciousness. Not chaotic in any way, just tranquil and meditative. I could see this herb being an excellent meditation aid.

    It’s not that strong of an effect though. You have to smoke a fair amount to reach effects. I’d say it takes about bowl’s worth. But as I said the smoke is nice and enjoyable. I didn’t use that much and I found the effects to be rewarding. Perhaps I will try tea from this and see if it is any different.

  3. Michael (verified owner)

    I also found the smoke to be enjoyable. First i tried a bowl, that was a tease. When I rolled it that
    put me is a nice mellow state of mind. Next was the tea… Oh the tea ….ZZZZZZZ

  4. entheo1 (verified owner)

    The buds are absolutely beautiful. bright purple. nice smell to them. perfectly dried. the smoke is pretty mild and pleasant tasting. if you dont go in expecting a mind blowing experience, its pretty nice. chill, muscle relaxation. ive only rolled it in papers and it gets pretty resinous towards the end so bowls might be a better way to go. all in all, im pretty satisfied with my purchase. would buy again. probably my favorite other than the aya-type plants offered here.

  5. Makenzy Moore

    These are so beautiful!! Extremely meditative and relaxing.. also blends great other herbs. I will definitely be ordering more tastes amazing and is super smooth 🙂

  6. daltonlum43 (verified owner)

    This herb is great it’s very relaxing and sedating. It has a rasberry smell. The bud is light and fluffy to a medium dense. It was very dry which made the grinder turn it to dust. My cheese cloth didn’t get it all but that’s the only thing that comes close to a downside.

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