Kratom Leaf Powder – Super Green Maeng Da *Organic*




Sept 29, 2021- We JUST received a Fresh Shipment of Kratom directly from our suppliers in Indonesia!! All quantities below 5k are in stock and ready to ship, 5k and over are on Preorder, feel free to message us if you’d like to have an estimate on when preorders can be fulfilled.


KRATOM CANNOT be ordered from, or shipped to the following states: INDIANA, WISCONSIN, ALABAMA, ARKANSAS & VERMONT. DO NOT order Kratom if you live in these states, we are NOT responsible for refunding any purchase made from an illegal state, an really, we don’t want to rip you off, so Please Don’t order it.



We are Very excited to be working directly with farmers in Indonesia, Borneo and Thailand to obtain our new Farm-Fresh Organically grown high potency Kratom powders!! These are by far the strongest Kratom varieties we have ever worked with. Less is needed per gram to produce strong effects, and the effects seem to last much longer than other varieties as well!


Don’t be confused by the lower than average pricing on these varieties, this doesn’t speak to the quality! We got a very good rate for this Kratom and are offering it at a lowered price so as to make it more available to those in need. Blessed be 🙂

We are adamant about being able to provide Kratom to those suffering with any illness which it can help. It is very common for supplier in the US to hold huge profit margins on Kratom…we feel this is wrong, and that its important for this to be available to those in need, not just those with large wallets.


Our Super Maeng Da Kratom variety is very uplifting and energizing. This Meang Da has a significantly ‘cleaner’ feeling energy than all other Maeng Da material we’ve sampled from other varieties, making it much more ideal for regular or intermittent use. High potency, yet very smooth!


General Info About Mitragyna Speciosa:

Kratom, Mitragyna Speciosa, is a tree native to Southeastern Asia. Kratom is classified botanically as being in the Rubiaceae family, the same family as Coffea Arabica (Coffee). This plants traditional use goes back for at least a couple hundred years, and possibly thousands in remote Thailand. Even today this plant is used in Asia and is even illegal in Thailand due to its popularity. Kratom is also a very popular herb for western collectible-psychoactive herb enthusiasts.

The traditional application of this plant is fairly diverse, being used for recreation, as a pain killer, as a sexual enhancer, to aid in opiate withdrawal, in smaller doses as a stimulant to help labor workers, as well as in visionary shamanic trance work. The methods of consumption range from chewing leaf material, to swallowing ground leaves, brewing tea, and even smoking.



This herb is sold NOT FOR CONSUMPTION PURPOSES! We sell this as a collectible botanical specimen, for use as an incense or to be meditated with upon a meditative alter.


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