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Lily Flowers WHITE *Organic*

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Our white lily is the botanical species Nymphaea ampla. All lilies have similar properties, but each has a unique vibration or quality. White tends to be very gentle, angelic, uplifting and peaceful but the manner each person relates to the plant can vary as well. All the different colors are worth exploring to see how you resonate with them 🙂


What most people refer to as Blue Lotus Flowers, are actually Blue Lilly flowers (Nymphaea Carulea). This is an amazing teacher herb which has a very long history of being revered and respected by those who utilized it. Our White Lily flowers are the species Nymphaea Ampla, they are a close relative to the Nymphaea carulea Blue Lily, but has its own unique qualities!

These flowers have been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs as well as Egyptian depictions. Said  to be used to help one to reach transcendent states of consciousness and enter trance-meditative states, but it was likely used as incense and symbolically as well.


Lily Flowers make a great addition to any smoke blend and are great for use in teas as well. Our flowers are absolutely top-notch Lotus specimen, these are sustainably harvested in Thailand and are Organically grown without the use of harmful pesticides. These are very beautiful specimen, and the lessons this teacher provides have been astounding to us here at Eternity in a Box.


As with all of our Teacher herbs, there is much to learn here just by being in the presence of this plant! We recommend meditating beside your plants, possibly atop a meditative alter or as an incense. Lily Flowers can also be consumed, but please be respectful and get to know how this plant affects you before working with too much. Very relaxing effects which are subtly dreamy, but so very ‘connecting’ and coherent.

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1 review for Lily Flowers WHITE *Organic*

  1. Greg (verified owner)

    Today I drank it’s tea for the first time, and it was very good. It had a neutral slightly sweet taste, not bitter in the slightest. About an hour after drinking I began to feel very stimulated and talkative, and this lasted for many hours after. I recommend this tea, as well as all other variations of lily and lotus flowers. Peace and love

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