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Maca Powder *Organic & Raw*

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Maca is the best! This is a fantastic superfood, and has a powerful spiritual focus aspect which can be tapped into 🙂

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We are super duper excited about having procured this amazing quality Maca root fresh from Peru! This Maca is processed with RAW low-temp standards in mind… meaning this Maca’s enzymes and nutrients are not degraded from heating. This Maca is from Peru, certified Organic and is made using a mix of different color Maca roots.



We’ve been sampling Maca from different suppliers and have finally decided to buy bulk through this source because the quality is far superior to everything else we’ve tried. This Maca is also coming from a small company which grows organically in Peru. Working directly with the source is always the way to go, this ensures that the growers are being paid adequately and also allows us to understand the entirety of the processing done to the plant.


Our Maca Root Powder is made by Sun-Drying Maca root bulbs, and then powdering them…that’s it! Much of the other Maca available on the market has been heat-treated, grown with chemicals, or even irradiated! We are confident of the quality of this Maca, and can assure that it is grown by Good People, using Harmonious methods (Organic), and is completely untreated or processed after its growth 😀

Some more general information about Maca…

Lepidium Meyenii, commonly called Maca, is a root vegetable native to the Peruvian Andes Mountains. It has been used for thousands of years as a densely nutritional food as well as a medicine herb. The most commonly associated attribute of Maca is that of an aphrodisiac or sexual stimulant. But it is also commonly revered for its athletic endurance enhancement, increasing stamina during physical work. Maca is considered an Adaptogen, which means it helps to body to cope with stress and Adapt to transcend problems.


The way that we see Maca’s sexual energy effects are a bit different than the traditional gossip i’ve come across on the internet…We see that it is valuable to the Vital Energy of the human body, increasing what some call Kundalini energy. This rise in energy is relative to increased sexual power as well as a profound increase in creativity and focus. It is not a simple ‘aphrodisiac’ as it is commonly considered, this plant helps your body to function harmoniously, and thus sexual energy becomes more accessible.


Another really cool quality of Maca is the spiritual aspect, which seems to not be described very often in the text online. This plant has the definite feel of a Teacher Plant when it is approached respectfully. Maca seems to provide a meditative sort of centering to the consciousness and tunes one into spiritual energy. It brings about a contentment which feels very rich and goes deeper than simple mental euphoria, it seem to bring about a sort of  ‘In the Now’ meditative peace. This In the Now quality is naturally very conducive to meditations.



Why Eternity in a Box’s Maca is the best…!

Our Maca is different than all the other varieties we’ve sampled. Firstly, the quality of ours is simply amazing! 1 tsp is enough to feel a pronounced focus for most people, and taking it up to several teaspoons produces powerful mental clarity. The other Maca we’ve sampled took significantly more material to produce an effect.


And of equal importance to quality is the environmental ethics of course! Our Maca is grown Organically in the Andes mountains, harvested with love by a small company, Sun dried so as to maintain RAW enzymatic life, powdered and then shipped to us directly. You can know when buying our Maca root that you are supporting good people 🙂 We pay the farmers in Peru a fair price, and we receive the shipment directly, no bulk wholesalers or other profiteers involved!



Why is Maca so healthy?

Maca is rich in a variety of minerals and vitamins, particularly Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Iodine, Copper and Manganese. It is also a vegetable by nature, and is perfectly suitable for daily use, unlike many other medicinal herbs which are best used sparingly. Maca is a great addition to any diet, providing not only an array of healthy vitamins but also a profound mental clarity and strength to the body. Maca is said to also promote healthy sperm count as well as female reproductive organ health.



Another amazing aspect of working with Maca is that it can replace stimulant use such as Caffeine! Maca provides energy and mental clarity in a profound way, but is not jittery or draining as stimulants can be. It is a non-stimulant plant which provides the value which people seek in stimulants like caffeine. Try switching up your morning routine from that of a pot o coffee to a healthy cup of warm Maca 🙂



What do I do with Maca…just eat it?

Maca can be eaten Raw or Cooked, it seems that some prefer it better Raw while others like it cooked. There are plenty of recipes for Maca cookies and baked goods (both Raw and Cooked variations), these are a great way to work with this plant. At Eternity we opt for warm Maca beverages generally 🙂 Try blending (or stirring vigorously) 1-3 heaping teaspoons of Maca powder with warm water and add ~1/4 tsp Vanilla Bean powder and a pinch of Stevia Leaf, though it is great without sweetener as well.  Sometimes we’ll add Shilajit to the drink as well to maximize the healthy intensity, and the flavor blends with it very nicely  🙂



***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***

1 review for Maca Powder *Organic & Raw*

  1. keegan (verified owner)

    This is hands down the best maca i’ve ever had. The black is slightly more energizing but the red wins for overall feeling of wellbeing and tastes even more delicious. A great addition to muffins and feels great any time of day. Try combining with entheogenic cocao

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