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Mucuna Pruriens White *Organic and Raw*


Mucuna Pruriens are a member of the legume family native to southern China and eastern India. The Mucuna plant grows pods covered in very fine yellowish hairs, earning the name Velvet Bean.

Mucuna Pruriens


Mucuna Pruriens are a member of the legume family native to southern China and eastern India. The Mucuna plant grows pods covered in very fine yellowish hairs, earning the name Velvet Bean. Within these pods are the legendary Mucuna! These beans have a variety of colors, black, white, maroon, grey, cream, beige, and brown. We sell three of these colors: brown, white, and black. While there is no known difference in effect or potency, it is still really cool to be able to work with the individual colors!

Most Mucuna providers carry the powdered bean. When a plant is powdered there becomes much more surface area for oxidation to occur. When oxygen is in contact with a powdered food or medicinal nutritional value and potency are lost. There are a few ways to avoid oxygen contact to the powdered plant. We vacuum pack our powders (which is probably one of the best, clean, ways to reduce oxidation). There are other ways to reduce oxygen which include additives and oxygen absorbers! So when it comes to buying Mucuna powder one must be careful what they get! Some sites even sell a Mucuna powder made with the bean and pod, which greatly reduces potency! We offer our Mucuna Pruriens Whole an Natural! With the whole bean you know there is no lose in potency, and can be certain there are not strange additives! Also, our Mucuna Pruriens beans are Organic, Raw and non-Irradiated. At Eternity in a Box we care about our customers health which is why we stock only the highest quality of  Botanical specimen! Please be aware of other sites selling Mucuna beans which have been processed with radiation (gross!) and/or grown with chemicals fertilizers and pesticides (also gross!)…We’re not cool with these practices, we always carry Organic, Raw and non-Irradiated plants 🙂


Now that I’ve talked about how awesome our Mucuna Pruriens are, lets get down to what they can be good for, and how they can help you!

For thousands of years these Velvet Beans have been revered in traditional Ayurvedic medicine s one of the few herbs that can balance all three of the doshas(Vata, Pitta, and Kapha)! Ayurvedic principal is built of the concept that we are all made of the three dosha, these doshas are energies created by the presence of the five elements (air, space, fire, water, earth and soul) within us all! The idea is that each individual has a dominate dosha, and the balance between doshas plays an important rule in every aspect of our life! Known as Kapikachhu in Ayurvedic medicine, Mucuna has been used to balance these doshas to treat a veriety of ailments. In addition to treating people suffering from imbalance, Mucuna has also been known as a powerful aphrodisiac, used to increase libido, fertility, and sexual desire!

The secret to Mucuna’s effectiveness may be in its levels of the amino acid L-dopa(sometimes known as levedopa). L-dopa has been found to increase the manufacturing of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a dominate factor in many aspects of health, being responsible for energy levels, concentration, and ones ability to deal with stresses. Everyday stresses as well as the consumption of coffee, nicotine, and high levels of sugar can lower dopamine levels in the brain and lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, and trouble sleeping. Mucuna is a great natural way to raise dopamine levels and overcome daily challenges and stress. Many have found that a daily dose of Mucuna can raise energy levels, and enhance mood! Mucuna is such a great source of L-dopa that it has even been used to treat the symptoms of some mental illnesses that are caused by low dopamine levels. In fact, some studies have found that Mucuna works even better than modern synthesized medications that do the same thing; with the added effect of not having the side effects of synthesized L-dopa(dizziness, vomiting, mood swings etc.)!


Dopamine levels also effect the production of HGH(human growth hormone)! With increased levels of HGH it is much easier for the body to synthesis protein and grow lean muscle! HGH also has other important aspects in the production of healthy cells all throughout the body. As we get older the body slows down its production of HGH due to diet, exercise, and toxins we come in contact with. Increasing the production of this hormone can help you keep a healthy body by boosting fat burning ability, and fend off the effects of old age!


Levels of dopamine also play a part with regular sleep cycles. People with lower levels sometimes suffer from insomnia, and restless sleeping. Mucuna can help restore normal levels and even assist in entering REM sleep faster than usual! Some people have even stated that dreams are more vivid when they’ve taken Mucuna! This may even open up possibilities in assistance with lucid dreaming!


When it comes to libido, sometimes people experience a drop in sexual desire and stamina, when levels of Estrogen are too high. When levels of estrogen are high the production of another hormone found in the body known as Prolactin also becomes high. While it is important to have this hormone, for  reproductive, immune, and metabolic system health, excessive levels of Prolactin can counteract the hormone Testosterone! Testosterone plays an important part in sexual desire and stamina levels. Mucuna comes into play to help in the regulation of these hormones as well! Mucuna can help lower the level of prolactin and increase the level of testosterone! Now, estrogen levels in woman are usually higher, and testosterone levels are lower, however, testosterone still plays it’s role in desire, making Mucuna an effective aphodisiac for both sexes!


Mucuna is not for everyone though. It should only be used when one needs to restore balance. It is easy to see that there is a delicate balance in the body, and if used wisely, Mucuna can help to regulate that balance to find a more radiant you!;)


Health Benefits and Uses:


Mood Regulator: Mucuna has been used successfully to shake off those depressive moods, caused by low levels of dopamine.

Energy Booster: Low levels of dopamine can also be attributed to fatigue and difficulty  with concentration.

Stress Reduction: We deal with stresses every day! With low levels of dopamine handling that stress can be difficult, if not impossible for some! Mucuna can help us raise to the challenge of stress and maintain a level head!

Insomnia/Better Sleep: Mucuna with the help of L-dopa, can assist in reaching REM sleep faster, increase the level of rest one can achieve while sleeping.

Aphrodisiac: Mucuna can restore a proper level of hormones, and increase libido in both men and woman.

HGH(Human Growth Hormone): Mucuna is one of the few medicinals that can increase the production of this important hormone. HGH helps the body by making it easier to synthesize protein, burn fat, and maintain healthy cell production!


Dosage and Preparation:


It is best to take Mucuna on an empty stomach before eating(food can interfere with the absorption of Mucuna). In most cases it is best to take in the morning just before breakfast. If taking for increased libido, one can take it in the evening about an hour before eating dinner. For insomnia and better sleep, it is best to take well before bedtime, as Mucuna has the effect of giving energy soon after consumption.

Raw: One of the easiest ways to consume our Mucuna is raw. Like most beans they are hard, but an overnight soak in water can soften them up making them suitable for chewing. If taking for increased libido, one can take it in the evening about an hour before eating dinner. For insomnia and better sleep, it is best to take well before bedtime, as Mucuna has the effect of giving energy soon after consumption.

Decoction: One way some people have used Mucuna is by boiling them in water to make a decoction. Dosage this way can be somewhat tricky(as it does not require much Mucuna to gain its effects).

Powdered: Of course our seeds can be powdered with the help of a high powered mixer. The powdered Mucuna can be added to hot or cold water and drank like tea.

Dose: One should never over due it with Mucuna. Start with 1 bean(about 1/2 a teaspoon to 1 a teaspoon of powder) a day and test the effects for several days before increasing dose. It should not take much more that 3beans(about 2 teaspoons) to get the desired effects. Over use of Mucuna can have the opposite effect of regular normal use, so be respectful and don’t over do it!

Dosage Caution: Because of Mucuna’s effects on dopamine production it is not suggested to use for prolonged periods of time(daily for several weeks). So it is important to discontinue use for several days after using for a over a week.


Precautions and Side Effects:


While Mucuna  has shown great potential with treating Parkinson’s disease, it should only be used for this type of treatment under the supervision of a healthcare specialist.

People suffering from mental illness characterized by greatly fluctuating levels of dopamine(Schizophrenia, manic depression) should avoid use of Mucuna.

Because Mucuna can reduce the amount of prolactin, it should not be used by pregnant and breastfeeding woman. Prolactin is required for reproduction functions during pregnancy.

L-dopa can be used to make melanin. Melanin is not harmful for most but in those that have had melanoma, or are at high risk for skin cancer, use of Mucuna should be avoided.

Mucuna should not be taken with MAO inhibitors and levodopa medications.

Mucuna should not be taken with diabetic medication or medications for heart disease and low blood pressure.


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***





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