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Mullein Flowers *Organic*


*Flower picture coming soon!*

Pictured here is our Mullein Leaf, our flowers are a beautiful golden color 🙂

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Mullein is a wonderful herb originally native to Europe and Asia, though is now found growing naturally here in North America as well. The primary application of this herb in Traditional Medicine work is to help the respiratory tract.

Mullein Flowers are great for smoke blends and add a beautiful touch to herbal teas 🙂


I used this herb regularly in High School when dealing with asthma issues and it was very helpful for me. Hopefully this Mullein will be helpful to those of you in need of plant assistance as well!


Mullein is great to use in teas, but is also suitable to be capsulated and consumed whole as a dietary supplement or it can be made into tinctures as well.


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