Opium Lettuce Lactuca Virosa Leaf Powder *Organic*


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Lactuca Virosa, also known commonly as Wild Lettuce or Opium Lettuce is an herb which has a long history of use by both the Ancient Egyptians as well as the Hopi tribe of North America. It is used commonly as a sleep aid, for stress reduction, to calm tense nerves or to help ease anxieties, though it was used more esoterically in ritual smoking by the Hopi. In modern time it is commonly drank in a tea or smoked in an herbal cigarette for one of the aforementioned qualities or for recreational value.

Wild lettuce is often referred to as Opium Lettuce. The reason being, the effects are said to be of a similar nature, however, this plant contains no opiate chemicals. Lactucin and Lactucopicrin are the active chemicals within this plant.

This plant is fresh and active, though is powdered for tea brewing convenience as well as to minimize shipping costs for you. Enjoy!

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