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Pedicularis Racemosa *Wild Harvested*

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Pictured here is our Pedicularis Densiflora flower buds. A pic of our Racemosa will be coming soon! The color is very similar, a beautiful deep purple, though our Racemosa is a ground material rather than whole buds.

Pedicularis Raceomosa is a particularly rare species of Pedicularis (see our other Pedicularis flowers here!)! We are very excited to be able to offer this to our customers 🙂


Pedicularis Raceomosa plants grow naturally on the west coast of the United States, producing skinny stems, with thin leaves and sparse flowers. Unlike our other Pedicualris offered at Eternity in a Box, our Raceomosa is not offered in whole flower bud form, but rather in ground aerial material (meaning above ground plant material). It is not quite a powder, it is rough cut and coarse, it does not have the dense flower bud formations as other pedicularis. The flowers on Racemosa plants are much thinner than the Densiflora and Groenlandica which is why we cannot offer whole flower buds.


Racemosa has impressed our team significantly through our sampling. It seems at least as potent as other Pediularis, it may even be even the most potent of all the varieties! Very relaxing qualities can be noticed when this herb is smoked, and it is also great to use in teas or tinctures 🙂

1 review for Pedicularis Racemosa *Wild Harvested*

  1. zander

    beautiful, perfectly cured buds…A+

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