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Red Sage is an awesome root for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and clean blood.

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Red Sage/Salvia Officinalis/Dan-shen


Red Sage is a great root used in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) for centuries. Renowned for it’s blood purifying qualities, it has been employed by herbal medicine practitioners in a number of ways, for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and to treat many health conditions. In TCM Red Sage has been said to be bitter in flavor and slightly cold in nature. It i related to the heart and liver meridians. It promotes blood circulation, which has is said to treat irregular menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and amenorrhea. It removes heat from the blood(to relieve inflammation) and tranquilizes the mind! It is also used to cleanse the blood and treat a number of sicknesses. Often, Red Sage is used in combination with other plant medicines such as peony, angelica, sandalwood, and turmeric to enhance its qualities. The traditional preparations and uses of Red Sage are many. We would erg anyone interested in seeking its most powerful treatment qualities to do a little research, or talk to a professional herbal medicine worker. Besides all of its other possible medicinal uses Red Sage alone is just great for keeping a healthy heart, and purifying the blood! We’re happy to be able to offer this powerful ally to the heart!


Health Benefits:

Red Sage is an awesome root for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and clean blood.


Dosage and Preparations:

Tea or Decoction:A tea, or decoction with Red Sage root is a great way to utilize its heart health support. Typical dosage in a tea or decoction is usually about 5 to 15 grams per day for oral ingestion. Always start with a smaller dose to see how any giving plant my effect you. Only once you have gained and understanding of how ones body may react, would one increase the dose.

Traditional Preps: There are a lot of preparations for Red Sage in TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine). Many of which include the use of wines. The root can be fried in wine, or steeped in wine, as well as soaked in ginger juice. Indeed there are so many ways that Red Sage has been traditionally prepared, we would suggest anyone interested should seek the council of a practitioner of TCM, for a more comprehensive understanding of its uses and preparations.


Precautions, and Side effects:

Red Sage effects the blood. While it is said to be safe when injected in regular doses, there are some things to be aware of. Never take it with other medications that may effect the blood. Don’t use it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Red Sage may lower blood pressure and one should use caution if suffering from low blood pressure. It may also reduce blood from clotting, and should not be used by anyone suffering from a bleeding condition.



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