Sacred Lotus Flowers BLUE *Organic*

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These flowers are from the Nelumbo Nucifera plant, Sacred Lotus. Similar in qualities to the more popular Blue Lily (known as Blue Lotus often, confusing right??!) plant, Sacred Lotus also provides a very lucid and meditative mental state and a physical relaxation. Each color of Sacred Lotus flower has its own unique properties.


Blue is very relaxing, with a smooth feel to the energy. Whereas the pink and red colors tend to have more of a ‘charge’, and the white has an openness. Blue lotus and lily tends to be very mental or astral feeling as well 🙂


These are amazingly mediative when used in a tea and are also great for smoke blends!

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1 review for Sacred Lotus Flowers BLUE *Organic*

  1. raina setzer (verified owner)

    Amazing plant, will be buying again soon 🙂 love Eternity in a Box and everyone who’s a part of it!!!

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