Silene Capensis Root ‘African Dream Herb’ *Wild Harvested*

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Silene Capensis is a small shrub native to the eastern coast of southern Africa. The Xhosa tribe regards the plant as sacred and it is held in the highest of regards.

Our Silene Capensis is Wild Harvested in South Africa by the Khoi natives 🙂

Traditionally the roots of the plant are consumed via a tea, or by swallowing ground up material. The effects are cosidered oneirogenic, or ‘dream creating’, in nature. Said to increase the vividnss as well as the ability of one to recall ones dreams.

An interesting quality of this plant is the magnitude of its potency, active at only 250mg, thats a quarter of one gram!

Traditionally the herb is consumed during the daytime rather than before sleeping, and is eaten on an empty stomach. The chemicals responsible for the dream enhancement take hours to aborb which is why it isn’t consumed right before sleep as other dream herbs are. I believe the effects are said to build up as well if taken daily. And its important to know that the Xhosa feel that more is not better with this herb. It is said that when you find the dose that works for your dreaming, do not increase, as this will not increase dreaming but instead will only make it harder to digest.

5 reviews for Silene Capensis Root ‘African Dream Herb’ *Wild Harvested*

  1. Thomas (verified owner)

    This root has a very powerful effect on my dreams, they become much more vivid and intense. Very interesting

  2. Ryan Worrell (verified owner)

    I powdered the root and mixed it with water, I had very intense dreams.

  3. Luke (verified owner)

    I use this root to enhance dreams. I don’t find this root helping with lucid dreaming, but it makes them feel more real and vivid. Even in short naps can you have a profound dream. I just make a tea with the powdered roots.

  4. Timothy (verified owner)

    I have been taking a small nibble of the end of a root each morning before breaking fast for about a week. My dreams have been more active, though I have not remembered many yet. I will continue this regimen. I see much potential with this herb.

  5. 2joshcole (verified owner)

    This is one of the most worthwhile plants ive ever come across i highly reccoment it, ive tried several sources and this is some top notch stuff. It takes about two weeks of consumption to really start seeing an effect in ones dreams but it has the power to forever revolutionize the way one recalls and experiences their nights sleep if you work with it long enough. Very very minimal effects are experienced in waking life, mostly increased focus, but when dreaming things become much more cohesive and clear.

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