Sinicuichi Leaves *Organic*


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Sinicuichi, known botanically as Heimia Salicifolia, is a teacher plant which has a rich history of use by natives in Mexico.


This plant is very unique in its effects, known specifically for its tendency to bring about what a scientist would call ‘Auditory Hallucinations’, though  a spiritual seeker would identify as an ability to tune into subtle vibrations which are normally inaudible.  This plant also creates a trance effect which is very valuable in meditations.


Natives would crush the fresh leaves (or re-hydrate the dry leaves), and then allow them to ferment in water for a day or so, while in the sun. This produces a thicker syrup like consistency to the water. The tea is drank to allow the consumer access to the visionary realm.

It is also sometimes smoked to produce effect.


Natives are careful to get the dosage right with Sinicuichi, and also to not use it frequently, as it is known to be detrimental to health if used regularly. And if used in too high a dose it can cause overwhelming muscle spasms and pain. Though when used in moderation and with precise dosage, it is not considered detrimental.


*We sell our Sinicuichi Not for Consumption Purposes!*


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