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Do you find your favorite clothes become dirty after wearing them around town…? Are you tired of washing them with chemical non-biodegradable detergents, and/or over-priced natural alternatives…? Introducing nature’s solution to soiled apparel, Organic Soapnuts!


Soapnuts are native to India and Nepal but are used around the world today. There are many different varieties of Soapnut available, ours are Sapindus mukorossi nuts, are organically certified, and are of the highest quality.

These nuts work by releasing Saponin when they become wet. Saponin is a natural detergent, it bonds with grease and oils and helps to pull them off of the clothes when rinsed clean. They can  work by simply adding them into the washer, or by soaking them in water and then scrubbing your clothes by hand. For use in the washer try using 4-6 nuts (usually contained in a muslin or other bag) and then set your washer as normal. The nuts can be re-used 2-4 times generally before they are spent, and the finished nuts can be composted! Talk about an eco-harmonious process!

*If you are wanting a fragrance to accompany the cleaning power of these nuts, try adding a few drops of lavender or another essential oil, or a few cups of a similar lavender or floral tea (we sell organic lavender flowers as well!).



Be clean of the Earth and have comfy soft clothes, oh yeah. Soapnuts are very cool and such a blessing 🙂


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