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Syrian Rue Seeds PEGANUM HARMALA *Organic*

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Peganum Harmala, commonly called Syrian Rue, is an herb native to the Mediterranean region and eastward across India. The seeds can produce a sought after dye called ‘Turkish Red’ because of their natural pigments. It was introduced into the United States in the early 1900s by a farmer growing them in New Mexico. Since then they have spread invasively up along the western coast of the US and have reached as far north as Montana.

These seeds have been used in ritual and as an incense for thousands of years. They contain Harmala and Harmaline, which have an inactivating effect on the MAO enzymes in the body. Because of this these seeds were traditionally used in conjunction with plants to produce visions and transcendental experiences.

These seeds compounds are relative to the same alchemy which activates the Chacruna leaves when used in conjunction with B. Caapi, the legendary Ayahuasca brew of the Amazon.

If you use these internally, consume with caution! The alkaloids present cause drastic changes in the way the body processes various chemicals…can be very dangerous and even deadly in combination with pharmaceuticals or alcohol. Do you research and be safe 🙂

8 reviews for Syrian Rue Seeds PEGANUM HARMALA *Organic*

  1. Michael

    Good stuff. Great alternative for when Caapi is Out of Stock.

  2. leafmonger (verified owner)

    The spirit of The Harmala seed is profound,enlightening and ready to teach if one is ready.

  3. John_Derwood (verified owner)

    The spirit in these seeds is relaxing and potent, promoting incredible recollections and hidden memories. But it is a jealous spirit; treat it with respect, and it is incredibly rewarding. Thanks EiaBB.

  4. Riyad

    Hey, i was trying to order 8 ounces but its out of stock.. For how long will it be out of stock?

    • zachofeternity

      Hey friend, I will add 8 oz quantity back to the listing now!
      We just got fresh seeds from India this week 🙂

  5. Dwayne Lamont

    Great to have an ayauhuasca experience.

  6. 2joshcole (verified owner)

    Definitely a powerful teacher to have around accompanying others, amplifies the lessons of any paired they work very well to slow things down while increasing power allowing a full learning experience.

  7. sarahh.arkan8 (verified owner)

    Lovely teacher and great quality seeds.

    -1 star due to extremely long processing times (1 month to receive while still in stock) and lack of customer service.

  8. Alejandro (verified owner)

    Top notch rue

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