Tigernuts SLICED ‘Earth Almonds’ *Organic and Raw*


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We are extremely excited to have Organic & Raw Tigernuts available for you all!! This listing is for SLICED tigernuts; we also offer Whole tigernuts and Tigernut Flour.

Tigernuts are extremely healthy and are relatively rare in the modern health food market. We’re honored to be one of the few suppliers for these amazingly healthy and high-energy blessings 🙂


What are Tigernuts?

Botanically, Tigernuts are of the species Cyperus esculentus, a type of grass which produces a root bulb ‘tuber’ which is referred to as the ‘tigernut’ or as an ‘earth almond’. This plant grows wild around most of the world, and is also cultivated as a crop in many regions. It was even found to be cultivated in Ancient Egypt!


Tigernuts are not nuts at all actually, but are a root vegetable, that when dried, carry a nutty flavor and comparable texture to nuts. They are very nutritionally dense as well! They’re a great source of Phosphorous, Potassium, Vitamin C & Vitamin E. Also, Tigernuts are extremely fiber-rich, just a small handful provides your daily fiber needs!


Another great quality that Tigernuts offer is their ‘Prebiotic Fiber’ content. Prebiotic fiber is a type of fiber which doesn’t get broken down during digestion, but instead remains intact when being processed in the intestines. The benefit of this is that Probiotic bacteria which naturally live in the intestines can utilize this prebiotic fiber and become more healthy…and we all know that healthy probiotic bacteria are a huge factor in maintaining a healthy you!


Tigernuts mysterious and fascinating history…


Tigernuts are especially amazing due to their ancient history of being a food plant for our distant ancestors. During the Ice Age humans largely survived on root tubers such as tigernuts. It could be said that our biochemistry is particularly resonant with consuming this type of food because of this…our species and that of the tigernut have co-evolved alongside one another for thousands of years! There are ancient archaeological finds which show primitive tools with the starches of this plant, further supporting this idea.


Why should I go with Eternity in a Box Tigernuts as opposed to another supplier?

Our Tigernuts are all certified Organic and harvested and prepared with RAW food processing in mind! Some tigernuts are processed with heat, which renders some of the nutrition as well as all of the enzyme activity depleted.

Also, truly Organic Tigernuts are not easy to come-by. As always, at Eternity in a Box, we strive to offer Only Organic plants!! As a service to not only our customers, but also to the environment 🙂



How do I use Eternity in a Box Tigernuts, just eat them?


There are a variety of uses for these wonderful tubers! Firstly, they can be eaten as is and are an enjoyable snack. The flavor is creamy and is reminiscent of peanut butter. The texture is too dense for some (we love them as is! ha), so feel free to soak them overnight and they’ll become significantly softer and very crunchy. They’re very enjoyable this way as well.


You can use these in recipes as well. Try grinding them and adding to raw cookie recipes, blending them into ‘Tigernut Milk’ (recipe video coming soon!) add to breads, or really anything. They’re rather versatile and offer a lot of nutrition to any recipe.




***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***


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