White Banisteriopsis Caapi Leaf Foliage

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This is an older picture of our previous material. Our newest stock of Caapi leaves are very bright green in color and highly aromatic! 🙂

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Unfortunately our Peruvian source raised the price on the Caapi leaves quite a bit, so our prices have gone up slightly. Sorry about this! We’re sure you’ll still appreciate the value given the high quality of these leaves though 🙂



Banisteriopsis Caapi contains the powerfully biochemically catalytic chemicals Harmala and Harmaline. These compounds inhibit the bodies Mao enzymes, which causes the body to react differently to other plants/chemicals consumed. In indigenous cultures where these plants are used, the Caapi is often used in conjunction with pants containing DMT such as Psychotria Viridis. The two are brewed together into a tea called Ayahuasca which has been used for thousands of years in the amazon as a medicine and tool for spiritual growth.

This listing is for 1 oz of the Yellow strain of B. Caapi leaf foliage. Caapi vine is much more commonly found, and it is an honor for us to be holding such a unique and sacred leaf as this! The interesting quality of caapi leaf is that the Harmala and Harmaline content is higher by weight than the whole vine…this fact is not well known.

These leaves are used in smoking blends most commonly, but also are used in herbal teas. The more esoteric and shamanic function of these leaves is as a potentiator of DMT based plants. Most commonly in the form of an ayahuasca brew containing psychotria viridis, but sometimes with other tryptamine rich plants such as Cebil, Yopo and Virola. They say this changes the visionary experience from one of only few minutes to one of 30-40 solid minutes of travel. Traditionally the leaves would be smoked before the consumption of the dmt plants…sometimes they are smoked together.

We offer these plants for collectible purposes only…! Harmala and harmaline are powerful mind altering chemicals, and while they are legal to consume, We Do Not Advise Consuming these plants. And we certainly are selling them NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!

We also offer the traditional DMT rich plants listed above also for nostalgic collection purposes….come get a combo pack of some caapi and a dmt plant! The history of use with these plants is rich and their presences are pronounced! Will make a powerful and harmonious addition to any meditative alter.

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  1. Nick (verified owner)

    This is the very first caapi I was blessed to be introduced to. I felt quite drawn to this one particularly. I set this one as an incense upon my meditation altar and already felt some sort of, quite radiant energy from this plant. I knew it was going to interesting.

    Meditating next to it for the rest of the night brought about this very calming and relaxing feeling. Almost as if all these shattered fragments pieced themselves together and I could really think coherently. I felt very warm and very happy for the rest of my meditation, and even afterwards when I was done. I went to sleep very peacefully and with much ease. Very pleasant.

    🙂 ty EIaB

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