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Wormwood *Organic*

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Wormwood, Artemesia absinthium, is an herb native to Europe which has been utilized as a teacher plant, in ritual and magic work, and consumed as medicine for thousands of years.

Wormwood has been used traditionally to help alleviate digestive issues, fevers, respiratory problems and to help the skin.

One of the popular references to Wormwood is in the production of the alcoholic beverage Absinthe. The wormwood foliage is soaked in the alcohol to extract the thujone from the plant, the resulting drink is said to produce a unique hypnotic effect on the drinker.


This plant was traditionally smoked or consumed as a means of connecting with its spirit for insight and help in achieving energetic transformation. Wormwood is a very powerful teacher plant and is to be respected to the fullest..! Please approach this plant slowly to see how you react to it, it is very potent and nothing to take lightly.

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***

4 reviews for Wormwood *Organic*

  1. iluvu (verified owner)

    This is such a neat plant that I am happy to have met with. I enjoy it with any smoking blend as it has a nice balanced flavor and aromatic property. The quality of this stock surprised me and I will be back for more. Thanks EIB @:-)

  2. connor (verified owner)

    Had a cup of wormwood tea mixed with mugwort last night. After blending a bowl of the two went inside and sat in the chair still drinking the warm bitter concoction deffinetly felt effects and was speaking to myslef as if i were explaining to someone else my own notice of how my thoughts rolled well in my speaking and when i would feel the slightest studder arise i would simply add alittile more sound to the word and it was just such a pleasure to be fealing that way. I also went outside and noticed the teacher qualitys of this plant i was dare i say astonished when laying on the car in the driveway looking at the stars remembering my coworkers story about the first time he ate mushrooms and layed on the hood of his car watching fireworks thinking at that moment that fireworks nowadadays are really bright! ????

  3. Dashiell

    Great product made a very potent wormwood cordial with it

  4. Dashiell

    Great product made a very potent and active wormwood cordial with it!

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