YOPO Seeds Anadenanthera Peregrina

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Anadenanthera Peregrina grows in South America and has a long history of use by natives. The seeds are cracked free from the pods and often toasted, crushed and mixed with or snail shell for alkalizing purposes and water. This batter is then dried fire side and then then recrushed into a powder.

Know as Yopo, this powder is shot into the nasal passageways via hollow bird bones or bamboo shoots. The participants experience extreme psychedelic visonary states and, in the right context, contact with the spirit realm which includes healing and/or personal insight.

These are sold for cultural nostalgia collection purposes or to be used on a meditative alter, NOT FOR CONSUMPTION, PREPERATION into snuff, OR EXTRACTION PURPOSES!

4 reviews for YOPO Seeds Anadenanthera Peregrina

  1. Rafael (verified owner)

    The seeds arrived in excellent shape and quantity! Upon opening them, I found some of EIAB’s signature artwork and a friendly note on the package wishing me good meditations. The energy coming from these ancient teacher seeds was strong and positive. I could tell that Zach puts very good intention into his products, there was great intention resonating in these seeds. I have placed them in my altar area and have been getting great meditations with them! Especially for visionary meditations, these seeds provide an interesting insight into the self through the eyes of a wise plant teacher. Thank you for providing this wonderful teacher, Zach.

  2. tim (verified owner)

    These seeds are TRULY MAGICAL!!! a very misunderstood teacher plant that can teach more in 20 minutes than any human teacher i’ve ever known. Good to keep handy for any spirit journey or meditation. peace and love

  3. Erik (verified owner)

    Their were some complications at first but I was quickly compensated and upgraded. Great service!

  4. wiliam panzer

    I just have a question why is the ounce and the grams options out stock but the 4 ounce option is available?

    • Eternity in a Box

      Fixing this for you now 🙂

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