The Eternity Team

As a collective, our team is comprised of but a small few individuals who share the same goal; to bring about harmonious change in the world. We seek to help our fellow humans to transcend obstacles, we seek to honor the earth and sacred spirit, and we seek to breathe life and love into the ‘spiritually stagnant’ culture of our modern world.


Eternity Shaina

Eternity Shaina

I consider myself the mother of Eternity in a Box as I nurtured it to it’s potential today. I met Zach when he was three month’s into selling woodrose seeds on eBay. That is where we started. It was but a small seed sprouting. We almost thought we done for when 3rd party websites like eBay, paypal, eCrater, etc. would not let us sell with them. I decided it was time to become more independent. I created our website and performed the necessary tedious work to ‘legitimize’ our company legally and I provided wonderful and organized feminine energy to balance Zach’s chaotic eccentricity. I also do our photography, event planning, secretarial overseeing and helps to envision the next phase of our companies evolution.



WilliAM of Eternity

WilliAM, though the newest member of our team, has quickly climbed into being a fundamental aspect to the structure of the company, both in work-devotion as well as passion for the cause of bringing plants to those in need. WilliAM works hard daily to get people the plants they need, manages shipping/receiving and envisioning Eternity’s evolution. He has a drive to provide the necessary organizational push to manage finances and business decision-making, and the combination of these ambitions is what has led to his quick-ascent to integral involvement.

Zach of Eternity

Eternity Zach

The plant teachers told me to provide plants to the world, while honoring and revering the blessings which are their essences, and so Eternity was born! Helping the world to grow and evolve is my passion, this company is an extension of this intention. I do a little bit of everything in terms of work, though most of my energy goes toward customer correspondence, website maintenance, discovering new plants to offer here, writing the descriptions in listings, creating art (poetry and illustrations) to share with our customers, and listening to sacred spirit in meditations so as to understand where our path should unfold next!

25 thoughts on “The Eternity Team

  1. Hey EiaB team,

    I just wanted to tell you that I think you’re doing a bang-up job! The product you have been sending me has been first rate and I have appreciated the little samples you have been adding to my orders. No doubt about it. You’ve got yourself a steadfast and loyal customer!!!

    Have yourselves a blessed day,


  2. Wonderful job team. Thank you for everything! I love that I feel as though I can trust you all. very happy customer!

  3. Love you guys! I have so much respect towards the team. I’ve learned so much since EiaB came into my life right when I needed it! Thank you all!!

  4. Hey there! Love your site! The quality of your products I’ve tried so far have been awesome and the prices are fantastic as well. Any plans to carry raw unwashed poppy seeds? I’d love to get them from here!

  5. You guys rock! Youve managed to supply some of the highest quality, and organic, spiritual tools ive ever come across, and with friendly professionalism too! Keep it up guys, youve got yourself a regular customer without a doubt!

  6. I place an order with you guys and never got a confirmation or the order, despite the money being taken from my account. Who do I contact?

    1. Sorry for the technical glitch!!
      Your order has since been shipped and this email confirmation error is being address by our tech team 🙂

  7. It would be great if I could get a response or update on my 1 Kilo of Acacia Confusa Root Bark that I ordered over 3 weeks ago on January 18.. No shipment info, no response to my support ticket and the money was already withdrawn . ORDER 24764 Please Ship or Refund! It has said 4-5 in stock since I ordered.. What a bummer I really liked this site but it seems like orders are be taken and no response or shipment – and that is shady!

    1. I just emailed you friend!! Sorry for the trouble!

  8. Hey, I placed an order 3 days ago, excited to see how your products would be, since I’d read that they’d be of high quality, but nothing has happened other than I have been billed. I haven’t received any tracking information or anything. I am growing some concerns and if you cannot complete my order I’d like a refund. I would like a answer, as I was really looking forward to getting my package. It seems that I am not the only one with this problem and this all looks very shady.

    1. I am sorry for any confusion. It shows in our system that your order shipped promptly- within 2 days of your ordering.
      If you still aren’t received any tracking, or have any other issues feel free to contact us 🙂

  9. Why is there no option to pay by credit card?

    1. That was a technical glitch, we’ve since fixed it and CC orders are processing correctly 🙂

  10. Greetings Eternity,
    Hoping to hear from you about my order, not sure how long to expect for a “preorder” item. Perhaps you are on holiday.
    Thank you

    1. Responded to your ticket, feel free to correspond more there if you’d like more info 🙂

      1. Eternal Greetings and Blessings,
        Wondering on the arrival of my preorder.
        Thank you

  11. Hi eiab i was thinking of ordering but the recent lack of blog posts and posts online about how youve gone mia have dissuaded me, is there anyone still running this website?

    1. Up and running yes 🙂
      Sorry we haven’t been keeping the blog up. We’re about to start a YouTube video series, and hopefully get our blog rolling as well!

  12. I was wondering how long it would take nefore my order ships. Its order number 25619 I see that after 5 days it still says processing. I use your company becuse it is always fast and very profesional. Thanks for your time and response

    1. We just shipped today 🙂
      Sorry for the slight delay my friend.

  13. Just wanted to tell everyone at Eternity in a box, i love what you do and appreciate you all being Righteous! You are my go to place!
    Much Love, peace, and happiness to you!

  14. I tried ordering some seeds yesterday and today but it would not allow me to purchase them, the site said “could not find payment information”. I tried 4 payment methods and none worked. I even tried calling the number but nobody picked up.

    1. We’re happy to help resolve this if its still occurring. Credit payments are down temporarily, but Paypal & Check/MO should be working fine. Sorry for your difficulty.

  15. I was just hoping you could let me know how long it may take for my order to actually end up getting to me

    1. Please bring all enquiries to
      Thank you 🙂

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