Return Policy

Returning a Delivered Package…

We are happy to offer exchanges and refunds on unopened and still sealed packages, and will happily refund any order which arrives damaged. we ask that we be contacted within 3 days of receiving of the items if a return/exchange is desired. If there is no issue with the items, but the customer would like a return, we request the customer pay for return shipping ($5 on average). If there is some issue or damage to your order we will of course cover return shipping costs.

Order Cancellation….

Order cancellation is always allowed if requested before the order has been shipped. Please contact us immediately if you want to cancel an order! When we are processing orders we are not always by the computer to receive emails, nor by the phone to receive calls about cancellation. If you decide to cancel please reach out to us promptly! If we have already shipped your order we will have to wait until we receive the package back before processing a refund (though we’d still be happy to offer a refund once we receive the package back).

Packages not Received…

If there is any issue during shipment we are happy to work with you to resolve it 🙂 In the event of a postal error, we can generally file a claim with them and get the value of the package credited to us, and we would be happy to resend or refund you in an event such as this. We always get tracking numbers for each of our parcels, this helps to minimize errors during the transit process.

Please ensure the delivery location for your packages is safe and free from the potential of theft…! If USPS marks a package as ‘Delivered’, then we are unable to file a claim for the returned value (given that the postman scans it upon putting at the delivery location, USPS is no longer liable for the safety of the package). There are rare instances where a package is marked as Delivered, but for whatever reason is still at the local post office. If your order is showing delivered and you can’t find your package, please do call your local post office branch to see if they have it there.

Unfortunately, we are Unable to offer a refund for a package which has been marked as delivered. When we ship a package we are passing the responsibility onto USPS. When they mark it as delivered the responsibility goes to the customer to ensure that it is promptly brought inside or delivered in a safe location. We have seen very very few instances of lost packages in our 10 years+ of business. We are always happy to help resolve an issue, so please reach out if something is ever amiss.

Please contact us and let us know if you have any issues, we want you to be happy and will work with you to ensure you are taken care of! 🙂

16 thoughts on “Return Policy”

    1. Eternity in a Box

      We ship our orders out promptly, within 2 days or so. Most orders to Canada will arrive within 3 weeks, though sometimes international transit takes longer.
      Let us know if you have any other questions! 🙂

        1. Eternity in a Box

          I haven’t tried any out of our current stock, however last year we were definitely able to get some of them to grow. From my understanding HBWR has a low germination rate in general, as our % was definitely low. Probably 10-30% is what you could expect.

  1. I need to cancel my order and make 2 separate orders because the acacia is on hold and i need to pay for the rest with a credit card

    1. Hey friend,
      We are actually ready to ship the Acacia now, if you contact us at [email protected] we will gladly do a credit card transaction for the entire amount, does this sound like a good plan?

  2. I’m gaining interest in Herbology. I am very much in the infancy if my interest. Can you recommend a goid source for Wild Asparagus Root? Thank you so much!!

  3. Ramon Contreras

    Hello freind! Me again. Do you have experienced with herbs for lifting spirits? Depression? Thank you!!!

    1. Eternity in a Box

      A good herb to consider/research would be Kanna! Another possibility could be Kava kava 🙂

  4. This is not the items that I requested.
    money refund
    Have not use these products that you and I will not be able to use them at all
    Mucuna powder many process with the companies that I have dealt with previously.
    I asked for three bags of Mucuna powder 2 ounces each
    and you send me one bag of beans

    This is a health hazard -unsafe

    1. Eternity in a Box

      Friend, this is indeed what you requested, you are mistaken.
      We’re happy to process a refund, I just sent you an email about it. But we do not offer powder Mucuna, when you ordered you checked out with ‘Mucuna Beans’ in your cart.
      Sorry for any difficulty, but please understand this is not a ‘health hazard’ to offer whole beans. It is a means of providing absolutely fresh and profoundly potent Mucuna…as opposed to processed powder which has oxidized and is greatly reduced in effectiveness.

  5. Greetings
    Have you ever sent anything to México?
    I´m very interested in buying you 1-2 kilos of Peganum Harmala, are you aware of any custom issue? Or any Income Tax to pay ?
    Thanks in advance for your kind reply.

    1. Hey friend,
      Yes, we’ve sent to Mexico dozens of times at least. No problems have occurred that I can think of.
      Syrian Rue is very easy to ship and doesn’t cause much concern.
      We label our customs forms accurately, yet discreetly, in a manner to satisfy customs agents but avoid interference.
      I am unsure about taxes, that is different for each country. Research importation taxes for more details, sorry I can’t be more helpful in this regard.

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