Prescription Smoke & Mirrors

Here’s a poem relative to the process of evolving and developing ones self. It addresses how there are illusions and obstacles in our society and in our own conditioned minds which are holding us back from achieving balance in our lives.

Titled: Prescription Smoke & Mirrors

We’re all strung out and tired from
The Babylon fast-paced work-horse machine.
No on is in their zone,
For the higher perspective has been hung on the wall,
Out of reach,
By the governing illusion generators tall.

They’ve got a name for this and a term for that
Convincing us our problems are a this or that…
Trying to feed us a pill to fix our this or that.

But the puzzle of our life is best made sense
Through Lucid Eyes.
And their packaged brand solutions
Reek of mischievous demise.

Will you set the package down?
And leave the riddle of your being unsolved?
Or can you swallow the Fact, that there is
No infallible perfection in the Magician’s hat…?

Our twisted form through occurrence torn,
Each of us damaged en route in our own way.
So don’t let anyone feed you an answer and then make you pay.

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