Herb of the Week is Organic White Willow Bark!

Our herb of the week is Organic White Willow Bark….! The specimen we have is finely shredded and is ideal for brewing into teas.
The traditional use of the herb goes way back, and in more modern time this bark was used to derive and crea…te Aspirin. Drink some tea and be healthy my friends!
It feels good to be providing these new tea herbs. 🙂 The rippling reach of influencing people to get in touch with these traditional healthy teas is very profound. Providing the entheogen plant teachers is where we started, and we are always passionate about providing these, but these teas have a very clean and caring energy as well and the potential to really help people out physically. We are here to help you guys to grow strong and overcome your obstacles, by providing the plant guidance, and the physical aid which you need along the way. These physical harmony teas are really opening up a beautiful path for us and helping us to shed even more positive loving energy into the world.

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