Poem of the Day! (Plus a doodle)

Good morning my friends and fellows!
Poem of the Day!!!
(This is an intense one, read below)
Here’s a pic of one of the doodles i did on a ‘Herb of the Week’ bag…some lucky random customers will get some abstract and good-natured doodles on their herb o the week bags this week….will it be you?! Purchase and find out haha.
I wrote this during some trance-work i did last night…it was a lesson i received and converted into words i suppose. Enjoy!
And what more is anybody really,
Than a body looking out into space..?
We see the light and it confirms that somethings there,
But when we reach we find ourselves there
And our own self-sense of touch,
We painted a picture that we could touch.
As we still stare the Void in the eyes
As the Spirit, Naked – Formless – and Free
Forever Silent in Eternity.
Do we really ever touch anything other than our own perception…? Realities forms change, but still we only see what we compute of it.

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