Divide Between The Heavens and Earth

This is a diagram which shows the divide between The Heavens and Earth, and how we are connected to this. We as a Being, are ultimately undifferentiated, just as Reality is…The Heaven and the Earth are One, and this is shown in the center… and why this middle is unbroken by the divide. The Tree growing takes what it needs of the Earth and Grows towards the Sky…It takes the light from the sky and it builds it roots strong. Yin and Yang There is no boundary, rather an eternal process of connection. We are like the tree, always rooting ourselves into this world, while ever-evolving to understand potential and fully utilize it.
The Earth in my shamanistic symbolism represents the Physical, the Form, the Matter.
The Heavens represent the ineffable Potential which gives rise to each moment.
What I was shown yesterday while walking, is that our connection to each of these ‘poles’ helps to promote our harmonious connection to that poles opposite. This is what the poem phrases in the surrounding circles represent. Our experiences in this body (Earth experiences) give rise to the sensation of profounduity, as well as give us things to be grateful for….
These sensations of the profound and feelings of gratefulness help our consciousness to rise to higher peaks and allow us to connect to harmonious potentials. Or in the very least, these experiences give us a moment of thinking ‘wow life’s cool’ hehe, and this of itself helps us to connect to the spirit. This is the Gift of the Earth helping us to Realize the Way…
Without potential what does the matter matter…? Without the favor of the Heavens, the chain reaction of scientific occurrance which has led to Us Being Here Now would have gone another way. Potential is always a living part of our occurrance, No amount of knowledge or science can help us to understand the formation of tomorrow…there is always something unexpected to be found in life and in each moment even. This living potential is what ‘Decides the sculpted Form’ of the matter and arranges it into what we see each day…. This is the ‘Light which paints the picture of the day’ as well.
How else would you See this Wonderful Earth if it wasn’t for the Blessings of the Light?!  And how else would we see the Light if it weren’t for these magnificent bodies we’ve been given to experience life with?! One connects to the other, a body in a void isn’t very pleasant….potential without creation or occurrance is boring.
This is why, from what i can gather, that Yin gives rise to Yang and the reverse. This perpetual shift of energy from Yin/Yang (or seeming shift of energy, all is One beyond our conscious depiction of course!) is like the mechanistic generator which drives occurrance. If it were not for the intricate connection of the Great Poles of Reality, then balance would not have distinguishable definition…This is Balance in its Primordial form, Living Balance.
Have a great day guys!
Written and drawn by:
Zach of Eternity,
owner of Eternity in a Box

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