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Eternity in a Box is proud to now be able to provide to our customers sacred Moqui Marbles! These are a very rare and unusual mineral formation found in only a few outcroppings in the United States. These marvels of mother earth’s mineral family are both beautiful by nature and mysterious in spirit 🙂  They are revered by Native American tribes across the the country as sacred, healing, and as powerful shamanic allies/tools. Many people believe they both reverberate energy outward while actively absorbing negative (disharmonious) energies; potentially in the form of reducing positive ionization caused by radiation. Moqui Marbles are revered as protection spirits, being able to protect the psyche of those who wield a pair.


Moqui Marbles are particularly profound in that they are found in sacred sites throughout the world, even though they have only been shown to form in the North American continent! ‘Out of Place Artifact’ (OOPAs) is the term used to describe this phenomena, scientists do not have an explanation as to how Moqui Marbles(and other OOPAs) could have managed to have traveled around the world…! Atlantean relics perhaps? That’s for your own pondering to decide upon 😉


The stones are kept as pairs because they adapt to “male” and “female” roles, sharing energetic exchanges and providing balance to one another. The male/female identity of the stones can be determined by the shape, the glow of their vibrational frequencies when viewed in aura, by the magnetic feeling when holding them (one in each hand), or in modern times some new age mystics claim that a pendulum held above the stones will spin in different directions relative to the gender. The Male stones are more jagged and angular (some of which resemble ‘Flying Saucers’!), the Females are more round and smooth.

It has been our practice here at Eternity to hold one stone in each hand, or place them before ones self during meditations. Which stone to hold in which hand you ask?? From our meditative and energetic analysis we’ve determined that the Females are best held in the left hand (or placed before you left of the male), as they are energetic receivers and the left hand is relative to this magnetic polarity (note the heart is on the left side of the body…energy is pushed to the right side from the left). The male stones are best used in the right hand (or placed to the right of the female) as they help you to exert and direct energy.


The stones should be kept within close range of one another, they do not like being too far from each other after they have bonded resonance. If they are separated the balance they produce will be altered and if you have bonded with your pair you may feel sorrow coming from the stones. It is believed by some that if you lose one stone out of the pair that it can even produce disharmonious frequencies, unless it is re-paired with another appropriate counterpart.

These stones have a lot of ‘personality’, similar to plant teachers in that they can often convey messages to humans through emotional/intuitive shifts. This is in part why they are such a valuable ally to shaman or other spiritual/energy workers…the more you get to know your Moqui Marbles the more guidance they can provide!


These stones are traditionally used in divination work in particular. This is practiced by accessing a trance state while gently rubbing the stones together and listening to the ‘voices’ in the noise the stones produce. They can also aid their holder in meditations, lucid dreaming, astral voyaging and spirit journeys, as they are said to have a spirit which can transcend dimensions.


There are also Moqui Marbles said to have been found on Mars (referred to as Martian Blueberries)! This fact has sparked quite an interest in these stones by the UFO theorist community.

These stones are great for anyone who is a spiritual seeker, whether they are traditional in their practices such as shaman, or more modernized new age practitioners. Even those who are not versed in spiritual work tend to enjoy the presence of these stones, they are very neat looking and have a very positive glow about them!  That being said they make a great gift for loved ones 🙂


Treat these stones with respect and love and they will help you on your spiritual path!

We love Moqui Marbles!!


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