As the Journey Progresses

The cold is almost past for the year… Here’s a poem i wrote out in the woods when the cold was first beginning on the other half o the cycle…! It’s intense when you feel that energy building up into a wintery fury!
As the journey progresses
The path winds unto
Black cast shadows,
As moonlight through the branches
Tangles into twisted
Teratoid forms. …
Held company by
Frigid silence and
The first whims of frost.
An icy gust winding
Through the naked bark
With force as a train,
Decides the severity
Of skin exposed pain.
Whats left is who we are,
When luxury and convenience have fallen
And comfort and embrace aren’t near.
Oh openness of the night and quiet of the cold
Your resounding expanse,
A clear gloss sheen,
Through which the reflection of my life can be seen
So clearly.
*end poem*
Its nice that we are now feeling the weight of the winter lift away The release of the cold curtains of the years midnight, and the opening of the warm seasons for life.
Have a good day!

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