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Eternity Super Mushroom Mix


The perfect blend of ALL 5 of our amazing Mushroom Powders!

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Our new Eternity Super Mushroom Mix is the perfect blend of all of our Mushroom Powders! We did the work in formulating the proper ratio for you, and we’ve combined the powders uniformly, so you can take a single scoop of the Eternity Super Mushroom mix to get the benefits of all 5 of our mushroom supplement powders. You can add this mix to smoothies, yogurt or other foods; but our favorite way to enjoy the Eternity Super Mushroom Mix is combining it with a Ceremonial Cacao drink using one of our Ceremonial Cacao Pastes!



Lion’s Mane mushroom powder (fruiting bodies)

Maitake mushroom powder (fruiting bodies)

Reishi mushroom powder (fruiting bodies)

Cordyceps mushroom powder (fruiting bodies)

Chaga mushroom powder (sclerotium mass, no grain/fillers)


Dosage: Use one heaping Tablespoon (~3.5tsp) to receive a full serving of each mushroom. You can also use 1-2tsp twice a day if you’d prefer to take 2x smaller doses per day.


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