Guarana Seeds *Wild Harvested*

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Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a shrub plant native to the Amazon jungle and particularly prevalent in Brazil.
The seeds of this plant have been used by natives for hundreds, if not thousands of years as a source of stimulating energy.

Guarana contains more than twice the caffeine of coffee beans, as well as other active alkaloids.
While this plant is commonly used in energy drinks in the US, we must point out that whole wild harvested guarana seeds, as we offer here, are a whole different level of experience compared to those processed extracts used in commercial beverages.
These are very powerful and potent in effect!

We recommend only using 1 guarana seed at most to begin with, even 1/2 of a seed should be sufficiently stimulating for most.
This herb can be brewed into a tea if powdered or crusehd, it can be consumed, or made into tincutres.
The way that we utilize this herb here at Eternity in a Box is by blending a seed up with a smoothie or vegan milkshake drink. Just put 1 seed in the blender with a small amount of liquid or fruit, blend thoroughly, and then add the rest of your fruits to make a tasty energizing drink!

Our Guarana seeds are wild harvested in Brazil, with care taken for environmental sustainability and harmony.


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***

2 reviews for Guarana Seeds *Wild Harvested*

  1. brianw30 (verified owner)

    These seeds provide a really nice stimulating effect without all the jitters and nervousness that some people feel with coffee. They are pretty powerful too- I’m a fairly heavy caffeine consumer and I can feel the effects of only one bean within 10 minutes. The “high” is more pure and refined than other forms of caffeine containing plants too and for me it allows my mind to stay focused on a given task for longer and with more attention given as well. I love these little pick me ups!

  2. mr29erss (verified owner)

    These seeds are a good way to get a mid day boost. I start with one seed and and hour later eat another, then I have a nice boost for a few hours. I am not a heavy caffeine consumer because of stomach problems but these seeds had no side effects.

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