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Sage Powder *Organic*


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This Sage Powder is grown organically and is powdered to a very fine uniform powder for ease of use in cooking and supplementation. Common culinary Sage, Salvia officinalis, is a tasty herb with a woody and bright aromatic flavor.


Sage, as many other medicinal herbs, have become commonly used as Spices in culinary work. What many are unaware of is how this transition formed. The use of Turmeric, Cardamom and other Spices alongside vegetable foods were originally considered means of ingesting these medicine plants, Not as mere ‘flavoring’. The ethnic dishes which utilize these medicinal herbs originated with the ingestion of the medicinal herb in mind as the primary goal!


Through the years a range of recipes have developed and the culinary delicacy of the flavor has become more of a specifically desirable trait.


At Eternity in a Box we are adamant about revering the plants for the blessed properties they hold, which can benefit the harmony of our bodies and minds. With this principle in mind, we are excited to pursue the endeavor of providing what the culinary world consider Spices 🙂


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