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Waltheria Americana ‘Uhaloa’ *Organic*

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Pictured here is our older waltheria, which was still on stalks. Our fresh currently-in-stock Waltheria is much brighter green in color and is a loose herb consisting of a beautiful leaf/flower blend 🙂 New picture coming soon!

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We are excited to have found an awesome source for freshly harvested Hawaiian-grown Organic  Waltheria Americana!
Most vendors offer leaf material with a small amount of bud, what we have obtained is a beautiful mix of leaf and flower with a good percentage of flower buds within 🙂

This herb is used for its medicinal properties which include helping sore throats (chewing the herb), arthritis pains, defending against the common cold, helping diarrhea and even breathing ailments like asthma! The method of application is tea brewing generally, but this herb is also commonly smoked for its relaxing and mentally-centering qualities.

Our Waltheria Americana makes a fantastic addition to any herbal blend, and its also great to be used by itself (with tea or smoke use). This is definitely our favorite of the smoking herbs here at Eternity, the smoke is smooth and not harsh in the least. Blend with some Dagga flowers, Pedicularis buds, Lotus flowers or any other of our smoking herbs to create a unique smoke mixture. This herb rolls into cigarettes particularly well, compared to many other organic smoking herbs.

Come and enjoy  some of the Waltheria’s blessings!


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***


8 reviews for Waltheria Americana ‘Uhaloa’ *Organic*

  1. Alex Jones (verified owner)

    Beautiful fuzzy leaves, buds, and flower material. Seems quite fresh.

  2. connor (verified owner)

    chewing on this has been pleasurable

  3. Isaac (verified owner)

    Great for smoke blends. Highly recommended., Fine quality.

  4. madhatterholly (verified owner)

    i give these products and the seller the highest rating. thank you for a quick delivery and the sample – you are very kind. i will be ordering from you again. namaste.

  5. Blythe (verified owner)

    This herb is absolutely amazing! I’m about to place another order to see how it does mixed with some of their other smoke blends.
    I was pleasantly surprised by this plant, the majority of it is definitely smokeable material. Very happy with my purchase, I wouldn’t shop anywhere else!(:

  6. Luke (verified owner)

    The tea I make with this is very calming and centering and slightly sweet!

  7. Georg (verified owner)

    Fantastic company and product! i find vaping is really nice with this herb.

  8. Sam (verified owner)

    Gorgeous specimen from EIB. Light and fluffy with golden orange hairs . This plant has a profound, centering energy to it that I not seen mimicked in other plants. I have read elsewhere and concur that the energy feels like a hand gently placed at the back of your head. Sometimes, I feel it on the side near my upper left temple. It is very calming and protective. I find after smoking, drinking or chewing this herb, my thoughts and energy feel much more centered. The smoke taste like smoke, not bad or good. Chewing is very nice as the small white hairs of the plant envelop the mouth and the leaves produce a mild, earthy taste. I highly recommend getting to know this plant. It is well worth it. It is also very good to chew if you have a sore throat.


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