Quest for Enlightenment

Here’s a poem about the quest for enlightenment….and the varying intentions one may have when ‘pursuing’ this. Is it a personal means of achievement, or is it a way to help to evolve the world and your community..? Sort of addressing the… idea of Bodhisattva selflessness vs personal empowerment..what is more important, becoming the best of the best Yourself, or the goal of helping the world to grow…? Do you want to sit on a cloud enlightened all alone, or help your friends to get there too…?
How do you expect to attain enlightenment
When you’ve left the others far from near….?
Is it a way to help the all or a
Process to get yourself clear…?
And I know that you must help yourself
To be strong enough to save the rest.
But please remember to make it a selfless quest
– Design of Intentions is the Primordial Test. –

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