Nature’s Wrath and New Beginnings

Hello everyone..! Eternity Zach here to describe in depth our recent conundrum. As well as to reveal the beauty which was achieved prior to the destruction.


As many of you know we host our business out of St. Louis through the winter, and out in the southern MO woods in the summer. This year we really went all out making our Middle-o-the-Woods office into something spectacular. Hosted out of a  huge heavy-duty army tent, our facility featured climate control devices, a light-proof closet, an impressive set of shelves holding all of our herbs in Glass jars, a packaging station equipped with high quality scales and bags of every size, 2 computer devices, a printer and lots of file folders for record keeping etc.

Most of the investment served to keep the plants in an ideal climate as to minimize aromatic degradation (keeping out light and keeping stable temperatures is very important for keeping your herbs fresh!). But we also took the necessary measures to maximize the spiritual essence in the plants.

We were very conscious about keeping all electronics and electricity far away from the plants themselves because we believe in respecting the frequencies held by these sacred herbs. Keeping magnetic and electrical equipment away from the plants was a measure to maximize the plants vibrational profundity.


The blessings were many and everything was rolling smoother than imaginable. Life however always proceeds towards change, the great path of occurrence always keeps us guessing!


Our giant office tent bared just fine through all of the weather nature threw at it, that is until I (the owner and primary work horse) was out of town for a family emergency.

When I returned it was obvious immediately that nature had decided it was time for Eternity to experience some struggle! A storm with high winds toppled the tent over (despite it being extremely secure through previous storms), leaving the contents exposed to the elements. And while the elements provide us many beautiful sights usually, unfortunately on this occasion the wrathful side of nature took the lead.


The shelves were all turned over, most likely at the same time as the tent was overturned. This caused almost every jar to become either cracked or shattered due to the weight of the shelves landing on them….and well the water did the work from there! It only takes a night of rainfall to turn exposed leaves and flowers into a puddle of mush it seems 🙁

And our paper documents and computers? What do you think happened to those poor resources? Destructive madness is what happened.

Wah wah waaah! Quite a bummer for us here. Not only did this devastate our business investment, but it was also very sad to see so many sacred and medicinal herbs gone to waste. But in a sense I suppose nothing is ever wasted, the Earth which we love so much got quite a meal of decomposed plant matter that week! Hopefully new medicines and blessings grow forth in that spot.


So what now?

Piecing the pieces back together, slow steps towards rebuilding, prayers for renewal and apologies to you all…!

We are very sorry to be limited in our selection, but we are already working to get back to where we were. Within a month or two we should be just about fully re-stocked 🙂 Until then we hope that you will bare with us and keep us in your prayers.


Our ambition to help you all to have the herbs you need to develop and heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically hasn’t lessened whatsoever. In fact this event has further fueled our purpose and helped us to realize what we need to do to make this world a better place. We are confident that by the time we are re -stocked Eternity in a Box will be more than it ever was before! This down time has helped me to see the path of where we are meant to take this company, and I’ve got a beautiful vision in mind which i didn’t fully understand before.

Our customers have been very accepting of these troubled times, and we hope that you will be too! Any suggestions, plant requests or even just kind supportive words are very welcome here 🙂  We are going to rebuild our company in a way which is particularly conducive to your well-being and harmonious development. Please help us to achieve this by providing your input!  ([email protected])

Also welcome any questions and will gladly tend to your concerns regarding this transition. Even though the situation is stressful for us we assure you that all is well overall. Please feel free to email us with any questions or call us.


We already have quite a few herbs on the way to us now. By next week our selection should already be ripening once more, and within a month we hope to be back to our full momentum.


Always there are blessings when you look unbiasedly. Despite the struggles we know in our hearts that we will be granted a path towards beautiful renewal and blessed potentials. We’ve got plenty of surprises in store for you all through this next year, we hope very much that you will be a part of this transition with us 🙂


Wishing you all so many blessings and potentials for healing,

Zach of Eternity (owner of EiaB)

10 thoughts on “Nature’s Wrath and New Beginnings”

  1. Best of luck with the rebuilding and I hope your vision comes to fruition. I sowed the fresh cebil seeds you gifted to me and I hope to see them flourish as well as I hope to see Eternity rise up from the ashes (or mud). keep your head up. All will be well in good time 🙂

    1. Eternity in a Box

      The only herb that survived in large (sellable) quantities was our Acacia Confusa. This is because it had not yet been transferred to glass jars and was rather kept in a large plastic tote in the boxes which we received it.
      That is the blessings of favor we were shown, as this is our most popular herb here at Eternity in a Box.

  2. I AM so very sorry to hear of your losses ,nature is forward always.. I hopefully wish your step (LEAP) forward will not be to painful. After reading and rereading (LOVE that word) what had happened I thought that you might be able to obtain a small QUONSET hut , IT COULD BE VERY GOOD AIR FLOW, especially if you close one end and install a greenhouse SOLAR operated louvered (temp) vent. Geographically you should be able to obtain all of this from an Army Surplus supply store at a berry berry GOOD price. ST. LOUIS has some of the best I’m told. OUT OF THE ASHES, COMES THE PHOENIX,GOOD LUCK

  3. hey zach,sorry to hear about what happend.i absolutely love your energy and attitude toward the situation you said,mother earth probably needed it or somthing ha.anyway best of luck and i plan to stock up on all of my favorite herbs soon.real soon.
    may your vibrational energy match that of mother earths in futre times to come.

  4. I wish you to prosper mightily and I pray that all be mended and bigger and better than before. I am going to try some of your stuff one day on a dear ladyfriend when I get the $$$ straight.

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