Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark – Extra Finely Shredded *Organic, Wild-Harvested!*

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Top-quality Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark. Harvested within the month of your purchase, doesn’t get any fresher than this! 🙂

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March 2024: Acacia is back in stock!



What makes Eternity in a Box Acacia Confusa root bark superior to our competition??

Maturity Equals Quality-

Our supplier in Hawaii has decided to selectively provide to Eternity all the most Mature and aromatically profound root bark he has access to! Maturity of the tress harvested from is always relative to aromatic quality, and so this selective bias which our supplier has granted us is quite a blessing! Most of our competitors Acacia material is harvested from a range of specimen, some young and some old, which makes their quality so-so. Our provider has ensured us that Eternity will only be sent the absolutely oldest trees root bark!

The Highest Environmental Ethical standards-

Also of utmost important to us at Eternity is the fact that our Acacia is harvested Responsibly and Ethically in Hawaii. Lateral side-roots are harvested from trees ranging from 25-80+ years old (almost all of the trees we receive bark from are close to the 80 year mark!), the harvesting of Lateral side roots minimizes the stress to the trees being harvested from. Many other supplier harvest haphazardly, ripping trees from the ground in a quest to procure a maximum amount of root bark. We are honored to work with a supplier who holds the integrity necessary to harvest in harmony, and this is a big part of what makes our Acacia root bark so vibrationally profound!

We love nature and respect the spirit of life, all of our plants are harvested with the most sincere adherence to environmental harmony standards!

Freshness is Crucial-

Unlike many of our competitors, we opt to order in small batches regularly in order to ensure that all of our Acacia root bark is as absolutely fresh as possible! Our shipments are intended to only last us about 1-2 weeks in our store. Many other shops offering Acacia confusa purchase very large shipments in order to get the lowest possible rate from their suppliers, while this might be economically practical it does compromise the quality! Having extremely fresh root bark is crucial to maximizing the aromatic potency, which is why we always buy in small batches 🙂



This Acacia Confusa Root Bark is the same source and same harvest technique as our very popular Large Shredded and Finely Shredded material. Your Extra Finely Shredded Acacia Confusa Bark will be around 1cm or smaller pieces, often it is very very fine to the point of being powder. We are carrying this to meet customer demand for more easily incense burnable root bark. Our Large Shreds and Finely Shredded are very beautiful, but their density makes it quite difficult to burn them as incense…This is the most ideal of all of our shred grades for burning as incense!


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We sell this herb for ceremonial use as an incense or to be meditated with, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!a


30 reviews for Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark – Extra Finely Shredded *Organic, Wild-Harvested!*

  1. heliosgnosis (verified owner)

    NICE!! Rainbow in day or night, real deal root bark here, careful!! Worth the price, high high quality

  2. darkmattata (verified owner)

    I meditate with this and Syrian Rue frequently and have felt nothing but positive vibrations. An amazing teacher and a great friend Acacia Confusa will forever change how I see the world. Always a lesson to be learned and knowledge to be had, an invaluable addition for any herbalist or philomath.

  3. spectralhughes

    I cold water-infused this to use as a beautiful orange dye. It worked quite well and I needed only half of what I thought to achieve beautiful colors in my tapestry. A strong presence in this bark. Worked wonderfully.

  4. Jordan (verified owner)

    Great product however if pre-ordered takes a while to receive your order. Waited 3+ week’s to receive order… Twice

    • Eternity in a Box

      Sorry about the delay my friend! Our supplier has been running behind the past few months (his demand has been increasing exponentially, and like we describe on the listing, we have our supplier set aside only the very best material for our shop). We will be ordering in higher quantity to meet the demand and avoid further delays 🙂 Glad you were pleased with the quality 🙂

  5. Nathen (verified owner)

    High Quality just as advertised! Well worth the wait for a preorder. Thanks for the great service!

  6. Pablo (verified owner)

    I pre-order it and took longer that I expected, but it was worth it. HIGH quality and a great teacher. Nicely packaged and great service. Thank you!!!

  7. Dr. Herbert (verified owner)

    No fail even if there’s a wait on the pre order you guys are good people this root bark makes a distinct “spicy” aroma! 😉

  8. Benjamin (verified owner)

    This is an absolutely wonderful product! I love the free samples and the beautiful artwork! I could not be more pleased with the service and quality provided by the Eternity in a Box team. Thank you!

  9. Jacob (verified owner)

    High quality product for sure.The meditation I had with it was spectacular.

  10. Jesus (verified owner)

    I have waited for my second try with this product before writing a review. The first one was powdered like flour and was ideal to create the dye material, not like second. The second one took too much time due to preorder (about a month) and the coordinates of my country. But, oh boy…
    The color that I get from it was so vivid and so little I used.
    Definitely will buy again.
    Great job people.

  11. Jimothy

    Very good quality root bark! Very spicy. Will definitely be ordering again.

  12. Scott McCreadie (verified owner)


  13. Joe (verified owner)

    I ordered rootbark from here before without any issues, however my last order came with a few hurdles to say the least. After I received my order i was not able to get of the rich color we all know and live the Acacia Confusa for and after a lengthy wait I was contacted with good news that he knew of the problem and fixed it by sending me a complete replacement order of 5k and this new ACBR definitely has the rich color we all know and love. Thank you guys very much the only problem I did have with this experience was how long it took before I was finally contacted otherwise i would have rated a 5 star performance, but its still so far the nicest ACBR I’ve come across so far.

  14. Danyella (verified owner)

    I’ve gotten both the extra finely shredded and the whole acacia and it is really good quality. The extra finely shredded bark was almost like a powder with the exception of some tiny fibers. I love EiaB because they actually take the time to respond to your questions and are really understanding which makes me trust them even more. It did take a while for it to go through processing (which is understandable considering its in high demand and only 3 people are behind it) but once it shipped I received it the following day.

  15. capa

    great quality product, thank you eternity.

  16. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Recieved my bark just as described. Worth the wait for preordering. Bless these people and their services.

  17. DR. Herbert (verified owner)

    I finally got around to making a tapestry, and let me tell you this is the MOST COLORFUL dye I’ve ever come across. The patterns that came out on the tapestry where out this world, and I mean from another realm.

  18. Swim

    For deep meditational purposes I’ve found this to be *EDIT* yield. I miss the days of MHRB

    *Edited by Eternity Zach for Legal Purposes*

  19. Jacob (verified owner)

    This bark became part of the most amazing herbal blend we’ve always wanted. I saw the most beautiful rainbows up in the trees when I meditated, thanks to this rainbow tree. It turned me into the nicest, happiest, most loving person, permanently. This is my destiny. This is humanity’s destiny. I’m so happy all the time now. My only desire is for all people to be this happy. My euphoric blend: Healing of the Nations, Amanita Muscaria, Ayahuasca, Pau D’Arco, and Acacia Confusa.

  20. Erik (verified owner)

    This got here so fast its not even funny. I feel like just yesterday I ordered it and here it is. Thank You Eternity for Great service and Excellent shipping! This was the fastest I’ve ever received ordered mail!

  21. dymonleesmalls (verified owner)

    I’ve been purchasing this sacred bark from EIAB for a year now. They have never let me down, even when preordering. The quality is amazing and is most certainly something to be approached with care and respect. Anytime I felt the need to contact them (which was only once) they returned my message within the hour and assured me of my packages arrival, which came two days later. Much love and gratitude for the Family at Eternity!

  22. Makenzy (verified owner)

    Wow extremely potent sacred medicine this is!! Had such a profound and intense meditation 🙂 approach SLOWLY and with infinite respect this plant has powers that are truly amazing!! Thank you Eternity

  23. Joseph (verified owner)

    I ordered 500 grams of finely shredded Acacia Confusa Root Bark in December as a gift for a friend of mine. Unfortunately, it didn’t arrive before Christmas as I hadn’t properly anticipated the time of delivery. I ended up contacting the support team and Zach graciously answered my emails and took care to make sure that the return process was speedy and efficient. Even when I ran into certain problems with my card on file, he was able to provide quick and easy solutions to ensure that my return could get processed.

    As for the root bark itself, it was beyond my expectations as far as the standard of quality is concerned. I could tell it was a truly fresh and authentic product and although I regret having to return it this time, I will absolutely be back to do business with Eternity In a box the next time I need to purchase one of their wonderful products.

    Thanks to Zach and everyone for the great customer support!

  24. Tara

    I’m about to order again, by the weekends end. I just wanted to say, 500 grams, which I bought over a year ago, lasted until a short time ago. I can tell it’s fresh, I mean, the bark wasnt even dry yet, how much more fresh can you get? Great stuff but as others said, it has to be respected.

  25. Samuel (verified owner)

    Very grateful for the quality product and services!

  26. paul.m.nipper (verified owner)

    Absolutely the finest quality ARBP I’ve found. It is excellent for…whatever you may seek 😉 Well worth the wait for PRE-ORDER. Such HIGH quality that I now order well in advance and keep and pre-order the next ASAP when the new order arrives. HIGHLY recommended!

  27. ItsGeno

    it’s dmt is scarier, unless you do recrystalize x-tal in toluene or heptane, NMT creeps on you like LSD-25

  28. Anthony Peters (verified owner)

    Best journey yet, high grade product with the x10 strength Syrian rue.

  29. Jacob Rohrbacker (verified owner)

    Thabk you im indebted to you for providing me with such quality plant materials ty ty!

  30. Matthew Menzies (verified owner)

    High quality blend helps to allow you to balance yourself out when meditating nothing but good energy. Would definitely recommend thank you eternityinabox

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