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Wild Dagga Pure Flower Petals LION’S TAIL Leonotis Leonurus *Organic*

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Leonotis Leonurus, commonly referred to as Wild Dagga or Lion’s Tail is an herb in the mint family native to tropical northern Africa and southern India.

Related to Motherwort and Klip Dagga, Wild Dagga has similar chemical constituents. This family of plants contain Leonurine, which is a psycoactive know to produce trance states as well as contentment/relaxation. It is smoked traditionally or brewed into a tea.

When purchasing any Dagga products it’s important to understand the quality spectrum of products available.

The psychoactive alkaloids are most-concentrated in the flower petals. Botanical vendors offer 3 main ‘grades’ of Dagga products…the least potent and least sought after is the foliage mix of leaves and few flowers. The middle potency product is ‘whole flowers’, which is a mix of flower bulb heads as well as some petals. The finest Dagga available, and also the most potently psychoactive , comes in the form of ‘Pure flower Petals’.

At Eternity in a Box we carry only the finest quality of each botanical we offer. Our Wild Dagga, naturally, is the Pure Petals only. You will get no flower heads, and no foliage, Only Pure Flower Petals.

Dagga plants are a common additive in herbal smoking blends even today in the western world. Both Wild Dagga and Klip Dagga are fairly renowned as some of the best psychoactive smoking herbs.


5 reviews for Wild Dagga Pure Flower Petals LION’S TAIL Leonotis Leonurus *Organic*

  1. Alex Jones (verified owner)

    Rich orange/brown/red colored whole flowers. Very good condition upon arrival.

  2. Isaac (verified owner)

    Very good. Wild dagga is a great herb for smoke blends. Really enhances the experience.

  3. Kara (verified owner)

    Gorgeous! The freshest, most colorful Dagga blooms I’ve ever purchased. I love Eternity In A Box products. The quality, price and ETHICAL standards speak for themselves. My expectations are consistently exceeded, and also free samples help me diversify my collections.

  4. Blythe (verified owner)

    This is a very nice herb to smoke, I was surprised! Happy with my purchase as always(:

  5. Rom Zong Po (verified owner)

    Highly excellent. I collected these petals wild in the sacred valley in the peruvian andes (where they have become well established). I introduced this herb to many friends as a pleasing synergist for sundry herbs, particularly green bud-like herbs 😉 . Methinks the Hottentons would agree. I ordered these on several occasions and was very impressed by the quality. Again I introduced this plant to friends. Most report an abiding sense of well-being bordering on the euphoric when combined with said green bud-like herb. Three thumbs up.

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