Hawaiian Acacia Confusa TRUNK Bark – Finely Shredded *Organic, Wild-Harvested!*

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Top-quality Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark. Harvested within the month of your purchase, doesn’t get any fresher than this! 🙂

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April 2021- Our Acacia Confusa Trunk bark stock is older than our usual strict freshness standard held for our Acacia Confusa Root Bark… we are offering it at a discount until we sell out, and we may or may not get more. Despite having awesome reviews from our customers, we haven’t maintained contact with this particular source, so we’re not sure if we’ll venture to find a new source or just be done with Trunk Bark after this. Enjoy the rest of our trunk bark blessings 🙂


What makes Eternity in a Box Acacia Confusa root bark superior to our competition??

Maturity Equals Quality-

Our supplier in Hawaii has decided to selectively provide to Eternity all the most Mature and aromatically profound root bark he has access to! Maturity of the tress harvested from is always relative to aromatic quality, and so this selective bias which our supplier has granted us is quite a blessing! Most of our competitors Acacia material is harvested from a range of specimen, some young and some old, which makes their quality so-so. Our provider has ensured us that Eternity will only be sent the absolutely oldest trees root bark!

The Highest Environmental Ethical standards-

Also of utmost important to us at Eternity is the fact that our Acacia is harvested Responsibly and Ethically in Hawaii. Lateral side-roots are harvested from trees ranging from 25-80+ years old (almost all of the trees we receive bark from are close to the 80 year mark!), the harvesting of Lateral side roots minimizes the stress to the trees being harvested from. Many other supplier harvest haphazardly, ripping trees from the ground in a quest to procure a maximum amount of root bark. We are honored to work with a supplier who holds the integrity necessary to harvest in harmony, and this is a big part of what makes are Acacia root bark so vibrationally profound!

We love nature and respect the spirit of life, all of our plants are harvested with the most sincere adherence to environmental harmony standards!

Freshness is Crucial-

Unlike many of our competitors, we opt to order in small batches regularly in order to ensure that all of our Acacia root bark is as absolutely fresh as possible! Our shipments are intended to only last us about 1-2 weeks in our store. Many other shops offering Acacia confusa purchase very large shipments in order to get the lowest possible rate from their suppliers, while this might be economically practical it does compromise the quality! Having extremely fresh root bark is crucial to maximizing the aromatic potency, which is why we always buy in small batches 🙂



****Very Exciting News…..Our prices for 2k, 3k, 5k and 10k have significantly lowered! These quantities sell very regularly, but we are dropping the prices as a thanks to all of our wonderful customers 🙂 Enjoy some Acacia now at an even better price!****


This Acacia Confusa Root Bark is the same source and same harvest technique as our very popular Large Shredded material. The only difference is that after drying this material is put through a shredder to strip the bark down to about 1/10th its size. The picture above shows the finer material, some pieces are a half inch or so with our finely shredded acacia as well.


If you’d prefer large or even smaller specimen please come check out our other Acacia listings. We are carrying this to meet customer demand for more easily incense burnable root bark. Our Large Shreds are very beautiful, but their density makes it quite difficult to burn them as incense…this bark is more frayed and less thick by piece, so it is ideal for burning as incense!


Harvested within a month, the freshest and finest quality Acacia Confusa Root Bark available. Don’t be fooled by others trying to pass trunk bark as root bark, this is the real deal root Bark material and our sales volume and return customer satisfaction speaks to the quality.


Eternity in a Box is proud to be able to offer to our customers, top quality and freshly harvested Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark! As show in the picture above, our root bark is shredded rather than powdered to maintain aromatic potency.   Our Acacia is harvested responsibly and ethically in Hawaii. Lateral side-roots are harvested from trees ranging from 25-80+ years old. This minimizes the stress to the trees being harvested from.   Acacia Confusa is sometimes referred to as the ‘Rainbow Tree’ or the ‘Thinking of Each-Other Tree’ in Taiwan where they grow naturally. Good vibes huh ? 🙂


These trees are originally native to Taiwan, though were brought to the Pacific region years ago. They grow vigorously in Hawaii and are even considered of a higher medicinal value than the Taiwanese native trees. Acacia Confusa has been used in traditional Taiwanese medicine to help heal blood disorders as well as for detoxification. The more mystical application involves preparation into an Ayahuasca-like brew, and has been utilized for visionary and spiritual purposes. This plant is sometimes chewed by natives or even smoked to produce psychedelic states. This plant is unique in that it is sometimes brewed without any MAOI containing plants when used for shamanic visioning. Whereas, the South American traditional ayahuasca brew involves the combination of tryptamine rich leaves (Chacruna) with Caapi vine which contain betacarboline compounds. The psychopharmacological reasoning is not well understood as to why the tryptamines are active without the use of MAOI plants in conjunction.


The tannins and pigments can be used as a natural dye as well, making this plant very versatile. We sell this herb for ceremonial use as an incense or to be meditated with, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! The Tryptamine profile in this plant is not to be taken lightly, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!


2 reviews for Hawaiian Acacia Confusa TRUNK Bark – Finely Shredded *Organic, Wild-Harvested!*

  1. mattmelch (verified owner)

    Amazing product

  2. Quad (verified owner)

    I have yet to listen to what the root of this plant has to say, but the trunk speaks clearly. it seems to be intimidating at first but its a misunderstanding it truly has a beautiful voice once youve given it time to finish its thoughts.

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