• Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark – Large Pieces *Organic, Wild Harvested!*

    4/1/14 A fresh shipment of our Acacia Confusa just arrived to us! :-)


    Eternity in a Box is proud to be able to offer to our customers, top quality and freshly harvested Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark! As show in the picture above, our root bark is shredded rather than powdered to maintain aromatic potency.

    Our Large Piece specimen range in size between the giant 6 in pieces and the 1-2 in pieces as shown in the various pictures.


    Our Acacia is harvested responsibly and ethically in Hawaii. Lateral side-roots are harvested from trees ranging from 25-80+ years old. This minimizes the stress to the trees being harvested from.


    Acacia Confusa is sometimes referred to as the ‘Rainbow Tree’ or the ‘Thinking of Each-Other Tree’ in Taiwan where they grow naturally. Good vibes huh ? :-)

    These trees are originally native to Taiwan, though were brought to the Pacific region years ago. They grow vigorously in Hawaii and are even considered of a higher medicinal value than the Taiwanese native trees.

    Acacia Confusa has been used in traditional Taiwanese medicine to help heal blood disorders as well as for detoxification. The more mystical application involves preparation into an Ayahuasca-like brew, and has been utilized for visionary and spiritual purposes. This plant is sometimes chewed by natives or even smoked to produce psychedelic states.

    This plant is unique in that it is sometimes brewed without any MAOI containing plants when used for shamanic visioning. Whereas, the South American traditional ayahuasca brew involves the combination of tryptamine rich leaves (Chacruna) with Caapi vine which contain betacarboline compounds. The psychopharmacological reasoning is not well understood as to why the tryptamines are active without the use of MAOI plants in conjunction.

    The tannins and pigments can be used as a natural dye as well, making this plant very versatile.

    We sell this herb for ceremonial use as an incense or to be meditated with, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION! The Tryptamine profile in this plant is not to be taken lightly, KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS!

    4.69 out of 5

    13 reviews for Hawaiian Acacia Confusa Root Bark – Large Pieces *Organic, Wild Harvested!*

    1. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      Absolutely wonderful, the aromatic potency of this bark is brilliant! I ordered this along with b. caapi powder, and I recieved a half oz of syrian rue for free! Thank you for the wonderful service, will recommend to anyone in the market for ethnobotanicals.

    2. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      The best customer service!
      all products were delivered within a week, while packaged to preserve & protect my order
      Highly recommend Eternity in a Box for natural botanicals

      Thanks again

    3. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      I ordered on Friday and received it Monday! Finally , authentic quality acacia rootbark! So many vendors selling trunk bark as rootbark, but not EIAB! Very good customer service. Zach answered all of my questions at length. This rootbark is top notch! Very rich color and aroma ! Beautiful pinks and purples that I look for in acacia rootbark!

    4. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      This bark is AMAZING! I was really surprised at how well this bark worked. This is REAL root bark. THNAKS Zack!

    5. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      It came faster than what they estimated. It was also slightly above weight, instead of under. It smells really good. It also works.

    6. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      This bark was simply amazing. Just as this website is with customer service. So friendly and they go above and beyond expectations. Great product thats forsure

    7. 5 out of 5


      Shipping only took two days. The bark itself, which said finely shredded, is actually powder which I was very pleased with, because that’s what I wanted anyway. It seems to be of high quality.

      • out of 5


        Glad that you were pleased my friend!
        Indeed our Extra Finely Shredded material ranges from small fragments all the way down to powder :-)

    8. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      This is exactly what I was hoping for, along with the added bonus of superb service and speedy shipping! You will not be disappointed!

    9. 5 out of 5


      I am incredibly impressed with the service of this company and the quality of the product, and the sample of the week is a great touch. Keep up the amazing work you guys :)

    10. 1 out of 5


      While I’ve never had any problems with this sites products or customer service previously I found myself really disappointed in this product: ( I hope it was just a bad bit I received but the aroma was almost nonexistent compared to other acrb I have used. I plan on ordering again next week and hopefully I can leave a better review :/

      • out of 5


        We were hoping to see another review from you my friend..!
        Sorry to hear of your disappointment with this, it is quite confusing though as we heard other very positive feedback from this same batch of root bark.
        The universe is unpredictable and mysterious though, in my own experience with other plant teachers it seems that there are certain occasions wherein their vibrations are much less distinct….Planetary alignment, solar-energy variation, or some other universal magnetic/electric phenomenon that is relative to the coincidences..? It’s hard to say! The plants seems to speak different volumes, and even provide very much varying qualities during different times in our lives and personal emotion cycles, that much I have observed quite a bit through the years.
        -sorry occurrence ‘left you hanging’ though! We always want our customers to be enthusiastic and satisfied!!-

        Please do remind us when you re-order of your prior experience (customer notes section or email)…We will Gladly send you some good vibe samples as an apologetic measure for your last inconvenience!

    11. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      Acacia confusa came to me at a very significant time in my life. When in search of a true teacher the universe gently guided me to this particular plant. I had spent some time with the trees in person and when I left their grow region Eternity in a Box helped me to connect with them once again. The pieces that I received have such a great energy about them, when meditating with them I feel truly connected to source and my spirit feels LOVE !!!

    12. 5 out of 5

      (verified owner) – :

      The weather had flooded your facilities just as I had placed my order and customer service was top notch to deal with during those times. I ended up getting my product ( very quickly, I add ) and I was very impressed with the quality of it. It was a 100% as advertised.

    13. 5 out of 5


      The bark I ordered last time was great, smelled strong, and is very active. However, I did seem to find some stem bark. Maybe I’m wrong but I do believe in mass collection things like this make their way in. I have seen the raw chunks that solid root bark provides. In any matter the product I received was of great quality and I’m ordering again!

      • out of 5


        I believe what you may have thought to be stem bark could have been parts of the lateral roots which dwell above ground. I have before discussed with our supplier the varying textures and forms of the bark and he was very transparent in the expression of his process. He tends towards the harvest of the lateral side roots from the trees to minimize damage to the host tree. These lateral roots are often partially above ground, and the portions which are above ground have a bark pattern and density which somewhat resembles that of stem or trunk bark. Depending on whether the roots are exposed to air or not there seems to be a varied texture on the bark specifically.
        We have sampled trunk and stem bark from a few different suppliers and found it to be much less dense and of a different texture than the root barks we’ve sampled, though we did initially notice the same variation you did which is why we specifically enquired with our supplier about his methods :-)

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